Link Dump 02/06/06

  • - YouTube: Fast Food Nation trailer. Reminds me of Clerks/Waiting. Is it meant to be like that? I haven't read the book.
  • - Generation Next an interview with Douglas Coupland by Euan Ferguson. Jpod is out about now: "JPod is described as 'Microserfs for the age of Google', and it delivers pretty much that: capturing the mix of technological mastery and unmanageable life crises which so many have become used to 10 years after the dawn of the internet. It's also funny; in places, very much so. There are a myriad geeky in-jokes, the quizzes and ruses and conundrums the pod workers invent to fill down-time: tiny spod tricks such as prising off then switching the 'm' and 'n' on a co-worker's keyboard and watching nayhen emsue."
  • - The Guardian profiles Paul Anderson who has been an extra on Bristol-based hospital drama Casualty for 20 years. Bristol Massiiiiive represent.