Link Dump 05/06/06

  • - Every Day is Sunday Here by Michele Hanson: "On a sunny May afternoon it is almost a still photograph, the central mansion and surrounding houses and flats silent, the sweeping green lawns smooth and faultless, the flowerbeds and shrubberies healthy and weed-free. The speed limit is 10mph, and there is not a single dog-end or speck of graffiti in the bus stop."
  • - PingMag interview Gez Fry, who decided he wanted to make a living from Japanese-style animation... despite having no formal training. Absolutely fascinating.
  • - Legend of Zelda character Link, is a gay icon. I've had a crush on him since I was 11. The first time you see him transform into an Adult in Ocarina of Time is hot.
  • - Oh Blimey! by Jon Ronson: "Mike the drummer came over to explain that when Chris puts on the head, Chris ceases to be. And sure enough, during the years that followed, I never heard him respond to the name Chris while dressed as Frank. I discovered why he was in the head hours before the show: he'd been doing an event at a record shop earlier that afternoon, and his habit - in situations like that - was just to stay being Frank."