Link Dump 24/06/06

  • - Technobile by Kim Thomas: "I cannot quite believe the quantity of this kind of stuff that pours into my inbox - mostly from friends who in all other respects are smart, thoughtful and on the ball. It's just that when they see the words "IMPORTANT - PLEASE FORWARD" on an email, they suspend all critical judgment."
  • - Random Acts: Community Care: "One of the things that the newspapers seem to like to do is to stir up trouble between different racial groups..."
  • - Outcast of Originality by Chip Simons. Some interesting creative advice, focused around photography but could be applied to anything really.
  • - Review of the Creative Zen V Plus (check out the video in particular). Looking at this makes me want to upgrade my 8 month old Creative Micro... it's as cute as a button!