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Driiiiiiiiiiiiiiip (2)
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Link Dump 30/07/06

  • - BBC News posted some notes on upcoming shows. The Doctor Who spinoff Torchwood in a few months ("late autumn") and this was the main focus of the article, buuuuuut the second series of Japanorama (which was mentioned on An Eternal Thought back in April) also got a mention! Which is good, as I was beginning to think they had thrown it on the scrapheap or something - it's been 4 years since the original series aired. No doubt I'll post the exact days they air once they're announced.
  • - Hello DS is a hack for the DS for VOIP. I'm expecting Nintendo to come out with their own version in the next few years.


Snatches of San Diego (2)

Geeks At RestMeditationSpreckels Organ Pavillion
'Coaster CloserS.A.D.In the Shadows

Snatches of San Diego (1)

Two TowersSan ConstructionA Flag and Two Towers
Giant PikachuComic Con 2006 signView of the Queue


Gibson New Book Progress

W.Gibson has been updating his blog a heck of a lot in the last week (funnily enough whilst I was away, and couldn't check the feed every second). Today, he had this to say:

"This current spate of blogging doesn't indicate that the wip (work in progress) is completed, but it does indicate that I have reached that tableland from which narratives descend to closure. It affords, without ceasing to write, a sort of breathing space, the pot being steadily aboil."

Gah! So close, but yet so far. Keep it coming Bill, I'm gagging for a good read.


Snakes on a Plane @ Comic Con

After queuing for 45 minutes in the humid heat outside the Convention centre, I got a seat (+1 companion) to see the Snakes on a Plane panel at Comic Con 2006 (might post more on the other attractions later). When I say that there were 500 people behind us in the queue, I'm not joking. The panel started at 5:45pm, we turned up at 5pm to stand in line, and the back end had already snaked (lol!) from the inside, around the side of the building, down and created a long U-turn.

Queuing for Snakes on a Plane panelQueuing for Snakes on a Plane panel (2)

Really really insane. There were quite a few people turning up, realising how long the line was, and after an "oh shit" style exclamation, turned around and chose to do something else. I'm not even sure whether they managed to fit everyone in at the end.

The panel itself was worth the wait. Hosted by Kenan Thompson (who also stars in the movie), well over 2000 people impatiently sat through promo for Final Destination 3 (a movie whose 'inventiveness' - ie: plowing money into another sequel instead of commissioning a new script - leads to no link whatsoever), occasionally shouting SNAKES ON A PLANE when the boredom got too much.

The panel boiled down to this: 450-500 snakes were used on this movie, and some of them were very very very large (at one point, the snake trainer brought a live anaconda onto the stage, and it took four burly people to transport it to and fro), the cast and crew are extremely appreciative of the support it's received on the internet (they showed a montage of the various fan creations, including a music video) and visually, the film is less cheesy than the plot.

They showed us an exclusive 10 minute preview of the film - mentioning that no clips have been given to the press (so I guess they gave the job of further promo to us folk with platforms, regardless how small) and when it's released in cinemas, that's when everyone will get to see the whole movie. There were a lot of parts with snakes attacking people, an extremely cheesy part with Sam Jackson and the leading lady (which caused a massive outburst of laughter), and two visually awesome shots (one of a snake striking from a dark place, the other of the plane very very nearly hitting water and causing a massive valley in the sea as it was pulled upwards) which made me actually believe there was some kind of artistic merit to SoaP existing.

The Q&A with Sam Jackson was also pretty funny, because as we know, he's one bad motherfucker. There are a whole bunch of clips of the panel, and other moments at Comic Con over at YouTube.



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Impossible to resist taking a pic - even though in the first incarnation, the guy had spotted what I was up to.


Quarmadillos: Googlewhacked

[01:48] saturnine> and then they had quarmadillos*
[01:48] Casbah> what is that?
[01:48] saturnine> and i had bacon and avocado salad w/goats cheese
[01:48] * Casbah googles
[01:48] Casbah> Your search - quarmadillos - did not match any documents.
[01:48] Casbah> :D
[01:48] saturnine> i made up the name
[01:48] saturnine> WHOA
[01:48] saturnine> I MADE A GOOGLEWHACK

*I still can't remember the actual name of the food my friends ate this afternoon.


Classic Sickboy

Classic Sickboy

Classic Sickboy Details

Classic Sickboy (detail)Classic Sickboy (detail 2)Classic Sickboy (detail 3)Classic Sickboy (detail 4)

Link Dump 16/07/06

  • - Adidas reminds me that not all advertising is evil with it's addidas Spectaculars set of promos for the World Cup - imitating Michelangelo's Sistine Chapel fresco. If all advertising was this classy, I wouldn't mind internet ads so much.
  • - Bristol-centric: we're having problems with our rubbish. The heightened recycling drive (we have to sort it more extensively and I believe we're now only getting fortnightly collections) is causing a lot of annoyance from folk I know. At some point they'll work out that you have to take responsibility for the crap you throw out in this world, and that you can't just pay someone to take it away for you.


Set vs Gobo Autostitch

Set vs Gobo Autostitch
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View large for added effect.

Last.fm redesign? Sucks.

Last.fm have announced a whole bunch of updates, which suck. The main things that suck:

  • - that weird diagonal... shading... exaggerated spacing design. Makes me feel a little bit woozy.
  • - they're dropping the Audioscrobbler plugins.
  • - more advertising to"grab that new album you just heard on Last.fm". Puke.
Dropping the plugins mean that I probably won't be using the website anymore. I don't like companies that make the use of their product exclusive to one piece of soft/hardware (hello Apple!), because I don't want my RAM being eaten by 15 million different applications. Why didn't they just launch their own player separately, and allow people to use third party clients if they so wished? No doubt a lot of people will download it, there are a lot of hardcore last.fm users, but it's no longer cool for me.

TV vs Internet

A question. How many times in the last six months have you stopped looking at the internet to watch TV? I wonder who's going to win that war.

Watch zefrank's The Show. Finally, we children of the 90s are maturing. Think Pete and Pete. If you didn't like Pete and Pete, you kinda have no soul.


I Love My City (Update)

I Love My City (Update)
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number9dream (review)

number9dream by David Mitchell

Eiji Miyake is just turning twenty, has a mentally unstable mother, a dead twin and an absent father. He travels to Tokyo with the idea that finding his paternal lineage will somehow fill in the gaps, but (as we all find out during our twenties) discovers that it's not all as it's supposed to be. Capsule living, hacking, Yakuza violence, a little romance and a few double bluffs all feature on his way to working out where his lineage really begins.

The only downside to reading this came when Mitchell decided to insert two really random selections of exterior text (a short story and then a war journal) that had absolutely nothing to do with the storyline aside from the character whittling away boredom. Which in turn, was boring. But I liked his style, which is similar to both William Gibson and Ryu Murakami: lots of movement (or obsessive lack of movement in places) and detail, and you get a clear idea of the city and culture around the character, as well as an idea of the insides of their head. Popular opinion states that Ghostwritten is his finest work so far, so I'll definitely be reading that at some point in the future.


Missing Orangutan

Missing Orangutan
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Link Dump 10/07/06

  • - China opens railway link to Tibet. I understand the shit China has pulled against Tibet, but opposing a modern communication link between the two places is a bit daft. Communication and travel is good. If they choose to use the link in a negative manner, then that's the time to kick up a fuss.
  • - Tony Leung: The Name. I don't rate Asian pop music at all, but he's sexy and the video is well directed, so I can bear it.
  • - Flickr toys. Note to self: explore this further at some point. Not strictly for Flickr users though, it can be used with bogstandard photos uploaded from your computer.


On 7/7

I didn't write anything last year about the suicide bombers attacking the London transportation system. Most of my time online in that regards was spent worrying if anyone I knew had been caught up in it, if it would affect the safety of the NIN fans travelling to the London shows in the following week, and wondering whether it would happen again. Those worries faded faster than they did for New Yorkers after 9/11, save for the odd jab in the following fortnight when we heard of scares, and then the second failed attempt occurred. The fact that we've spent the last 65 years or so with the odd bomb or two floating around probably helps. Even when they thought they found the unexploded bomb in Bristol, Broadmead was still buzzing with people.

The country returned to how it's always been, because noticing lone bags on trains doesn't really help when there are people prepared to carry them when they explode. The only people affected long term were individuals, not the government, not the social structure, but the families of the people who were killed and injured. I can understand the mindset of the bombers, the guys that found it easier to join up and murder people than identify with the culture that raised them, but I can't for a second tolerate it. There may be reasons for the decisions they made, but not one of them is good enough. They should have known better, taken the higher path, but they chose not to. We'll leave it to the professionals to discover why, because everyone else is busy getting on with their lives.

Gloomy Friday

W.S.S.K.Do Not Cross AnimeThe Man in Black


Goddamn it's HOT

Goddamn it's HOT
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New Doctor Who Assistant Announced

From BBC News:

"Newcomer Freema Agyeman is to take over from Billie Piper in the third series of Doctor Who, it has been revealed. Agyeman, 27, will play Martha Jones in the next run of the drama, due to start filming in Cardiff this summer. Regular viewers saw her in last week's episode where she played Adeola, a minor character who suffered at the hands of the Cybermen."
My first reaction is that I do not like her one bit. I thought she was a subpar actress with no spark in her whatsoever. My second reaction is that I'm being a mardy cow because I love Billie Piper's character, and I don't want her to leave. My third is that I wanted Naomie Harris to become the next assistant. Aaaaand my fourth is that I miss the first series, even though I'm really enjoying the current just as much. All in all, I'm British and I bloody hate change, but I'll keep watching because it's so good.


Filmfour? Film4!

From BBC News:

"Channel 4's film channel, Film4, will relaunch as a free service on 23 July with a premiere of the Oscar-winning comedy Lost in Translation. In the process it will become the UK's largest free film channel, available to 18m homes, the broadcaster says. Around one-quarter of the films shown on the channel will come from the UK, but they will be broken up with advertisements for the first time."

July 23rd happens to be my last night in San Diego! D'oh! But it's a good homecoming, to be able to work off jetlag with my favorite film channel. I can easily put up with the ad breaks if they keep the standard of films as high as it's always been. Yes. It's that good.

Fukase's Revenge

Fukase's Revenge
Fukase's Revenge (detail 3) Fukase's Revenge (detail 4) Fukase's Revenge (detail 2)

A homage to Masahisa Fukase's A Solitude of Ravens.


Ergo Proxy episodes 11-12

Ergo Proxy (episode 11)

Ergo Proxy (episode 12)

Ergo Proxy (episode 12, pic 2)