Last.fm redesign? Sucks.

Last.fm have announced a whole bunch of updates, which suck. The main things that suck:

  • - that weird diagonal... shading... exaggerated spacing design. Makes me feel a little bit woozy.
  • - they're dropping the Audioscrobbler plugins.
  • - more advertising to"grab that new album you just heard on Last.fm". Puke.
Dropping the plugins mean that I probably won't be using the website anymore. I don't like companies that make the use of their product exclusive to one piece of soft/hardware (hello Apple!), because I don't want my RAM being eaten by 15 million different applications. Why didn't they just launch their own player separately, and allow people to use third party clients if they so wished? No doubt a lot of people will download it, there are a lot of hardcore last.fm users, but it's no longer cool for me.