New Doctor Who Assistant Announced

From BBC News:

"Newcomer Freema Agyeman is to take over from Billie Piper in the third series of Doctor Who, it has been revealed. Agyeman, 27, will play Martha Jones in the next run of the drama, due to start filming in Cardiff this summer. Regular viewers saw her in last week's episode where she played Adeola, a minor character who suffered at the hands of the Cybermen."
My first reaction is that I do not like her one bit. I thought she was a subpar actress with no spark in her whatsoever. My second reaction is that I'm being a mardy cow because I love Billie Piper's character, and I don't want her to leave. My third is that I wanted Naomie Harris to become the next assistant. Aaaaand my fourth is that I miss the first series, even though I'm really enjoying the current just as much. All in all, I'm British and I bloody hate change, but I'll keep watching because it's so good.