Snakes on a Plane @ Comic Con

After queuing for 45 minutes in the humid heat outside the Convention centre, I got a seat (+1 companion) to see the Snakes on a Plane panel at Comic Con 2006 (might post more on the other attractions later). When I say that there were 500 people behind us in the queue, I'm not joking. The panel started at 5:45pm, we turned up at 5pm to stand in line, and the back end had already snaked (lol!) from the inside, around the side of the building, down and created a long U-turn.

Queuing for Snakes on a Plane panelQueuing for Snakes on a Plane panel (2)

Really really insane. There were quite a few people turning up, realising how long the line was, and after an "oh shit" style exclamation, turned around and chose to do something else. I'm not even sure whether they managed to fit everyone in at the end.

The panel itself was worth the wait. Hosted by Kenan Thompson (who also stars in the movie), well over 2000 people impatiently sat through promo for Final Destination 3 (a movie whose 'inventiveness' - ie: plowing money into another sequel instead of commissioning a new script - leads to no link whatsoever), occasionally shouting SNAKES ON A PLANE when the boredom got too much.

The panel boiled down to this: 450-500 snakes were used on this movie, and some of them were very very very large (at one point, the snake trainer brought a live anaconda onto the stage, and it took four burly people to transport it to and fro), the cast and crew are extremely appreciative of the support it's received on the internet (they showed a montage of the various fan creations, including a music video) and visually, the film is less cheesy than the plot.

They showed us an exclusive 10 minute preview of the film - mentioning that no clips have been given to the press (so I guess they gave the job of further promo to us folk with platforms, regardless how small) and when it's released in cinemas, that's when everyone will get to see the whole movie. There were a lot of parts with snakes attacking people, an extremely cheesy part with Sam Jackson and the leading lady (which caused a massive outburst of laughter), and two visually awesome shots (one of a snake striking from a dark place, the other of the plane very very nearly hitting water and causing a massive valley in the sea as it was pulled upwards) which made me actually believe there was some kind of artistic merit to SoaP existing.

The Q&A with Sam Jackson was also pretty funny, because as we know, he's one bad motherfucker. There are a whole bunch of clips of the panel, and other moments at Comic Con over at YouTube.