Link Dump 12/08/06

  • - Drug Baron's Fall, an interview with Clifford Norris by Mark Townsend. "Norris has nothing. There is no woman in his life and visits from friends and family are notable only for their rarity. The ambling figure in Upper Denmark Street is proof, perhaps, that crime does not pay. Norris admits he made mistakes, that his drugs empire was 'out of control'."
  • - Nintendo DS-centric: MSN messenger on the DS/DS Browser released in Europe in October: "The Nintendo DS Browser is a convenient web browser, which enables Nintendo DS users to surf the web, check and send emails, bank and shop online and even communicate with their friends in live chat." Interesting developments.
  • - The Shape We're In, an analysis of women and weightloss by Mimi Spencer. "With every image of Nicole Richie's feeble wrists or Posh Spice's concave thighs - which seem to shy away from each other as if they've never been properly introduced - with every shot, an inch or an ounce is shaved off the notional ideal female form which governs our relationship with our bodies and with the world." This is the horrifying Amy Winehouse picture by the way.
  • - The GSD system, a seriously inspiring organisation/productivity speech.