Link Dump 29/08/06

A little late, as I started the process of redecorating my bedroom this weekend.

  • -  Doane Paper is a geeky combination of graph and lined paper. Available to purchase
    for $9 via Paypal, with free shipping inside the US.
  • - Despite not really knowing the guts of MMO gameplay, Gavin Woolery became so tired of the soulless game industry that he just designed his own.  The video is pretty... well. Something akin to the Spore demos. Take a look.
  • - UK bank Lloyd's TSB is now offering Islamic student accounts to help young Muslim's save money. It's also open to non-Muslims (obviously), but it's not very enticing to be honest. Free gifts, yes. Interest? Nope. Sharia law forbids making money from money.
  • - Claire Armitstead profiles David Mitchell, who has been shortlisted for the Booker Prize again. Must... read... more... DM. Although I usually find the Booker Prize winners rather shit.
  • - Next year, I want to go to PAX, the land of Guitar Hero head2heads and internet celebrities smashing their guitar controllers. I know this is a pipe dream, because travelling to the West Coast is GOD DAMNED EXPENSIVE.
  • - Blizzard made this proclamation last week. New expansions every year? I don't know how I'd keep up. Especially moneywise. Maybe that's the idea - they are planning to stop us all from purchasing and playing other games.