Iraq is Dire

"Former Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has described the current situation in Iraq as "dire". Mr Straw, who held the job at the time the UK decided to take part in the 2003 war, said there were things he regretted about the campaign.  Speaking on BBC One's Question Time, he said "mistakes" were made by the US following the invasion."

OMG REALLY? You utter utter twat of a man. This war will go down as one of the most misleading, greedy, and bloody tasks the Western world has taken up against a country. Mistakes? No. Try gross fucking ERRORS.



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AAGH in Action

AAGH in Action [2]AAGH in Action [5]AAGH in Action [7]AAGH in Action [8]AAGH - Skeletal RiderAAGH in Action [9]

Yesterday afternoon in Dame Emily Park (aka Dean Lane skate park) was quite hot and glarey. Sometimes you set out with one aim, and end up doing something completely different.


What's Your M&S?

What's Your M&S?
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YouTube Overload

To Sit, To Watch

To Sit, To Watch
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Parents that suck

Parents in Yorkshire are undermining a school's attempt to serve healthy meals by feeding their children junk food through the school fences. I can understand the time issue, but it seems to be more about the kind of food being served. It's behaviour like this that's causing a nation of (oh lord, and I sound like a WWII poster) underachieving, badly behaved kids.

How on earth are these kids supposed to view the school as an authority if the parents are quite 
happy to dismiss it when it suits them? Instead of feeding their kids crap through a fence, wouldn't it make more sense to meet with the PTA and discuss the best methods of solving the problem of 
queue times? Ugh, I despair when adults only serve to make a situation worse.


Link Dump 14/09/06

  • - Wong Kar Wai's first English language film, My Blueberry nights is now in post-production. Stars Norah Jones, Jude Law, Tim Roth and Natalie Portman: "A young woman (Jones) takes a soul-searching journey across America to resolve her questions about love while encountering a series of offbeat characters along the way." 
  • - GoogleVideo: Douglas Adams' Hyperland. A very very old BBC produced internet fantasy one-off. Internet fantasy. I got bored 16 minutes through (those 16 minutes were quite amusing though), but then I'm not the greatest DA fan.
  • - BBCNews: Anger over schoolgirl fight video. You get the feeling that they're blaming YouTube for this video. If kid's want to fight, they'll fight. The only thing such vocal condemnation will do is make it even more of a popular sport.
  • - Luc Besson is leaving the building. His next movie is his last. I am not sure how I can face the future of films without Luc Besson to give me strange hyperviolent multicultural viewing. I hope this isn't another case of The Scientology.


You Don't Get It

As predicted, the  Banksy Paris Hilton prank CDs are now going for between £100 and £750 on eBay (and $230-$1000+ in the US). To everyone bidding: you don't get it and you never will, you bunch of financially overburdened twats.

For everyone that does, and isn't shelling out money that could be spent on something that was made available for a tiny percentage of the eBay prices, here's a YouTube of Banksy pulling the prank.

[via kottke remainder]

Hia! Posh!

Hia! Posh!
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Almost at full function sir!

Flickr now supports Blogger in Beta. w00t! After getting used to clicking the Blog This button and it working, realising it didn't work in the new version caused a few moments of annoyance (not that it's hard to copy/paste and manually type a title). Now I am back to clicking a few buttons and therefore happy.

You May Now Be/As a Shock to Me

You May Now Be/As a Shock to Me 

Link Dump 11/09/06

  • - Attention Artists - brush and paints are now free, by Matt Haughey. "The tools to deliver your creations are finally free. I am already seeing profound changes in how students can create and share their work but I bet in a couple years from now it'll be even more dramatic. We'll look back at the days when you were charged by the downloaded megabyte as quaint and laugh and wonder what things were like before YouTube and Flickr (and others, of course) took away those limits."
  • - My household shops at our local Sainsbury's, and one of my pet hates about unpacking groceries, is the plastic. It's an unnecessary waste product. So it's good to see that they will now be packing more than 500 of their own products in compostable packs. More recycling! More!


I think it's more from the BTM (pano)

I think it's more from the BTM (pano) 

Jonathan Ross' Japanorama - tomorrow!

If I hadn't remembered just a second ago, I would have forgotten we were due a new Jonathan Ross show this autumn. Despite the success of the Asian Invasion series,  the BBC have neglected to advertise/promote Japanorama (series 2) to a point where I (target audience) have been uninformed of it's air date - which by the way, is tomorrow night, BBC3 at 11pm. They have also neglected to put up a Japanorama site on the BBC website. Big round of applause there for the everfunctional BBC.


It's the B Team (detail)

It's the B Team (detail)


Link Dump 04/09/06

  • - Settlers DS screenshots [via] - the PC version is around as a free download, and it's great fun, but I'll definitely be buying this when it's released. Good stuff.
  • - Notebookism: Shane Vorhaben. Fantastic artist, something that would look great on the walls of a house, in a gallery or on the street.


Hungover by the old people flats

Hungover by the old people flats 

Banksy vs Paris

Remixing Paris Hilton's album. Pictures here, and sadly, you know the copies people get their hands on are going to sell for shitloads on eBay. That's the good thing about street art - (most of the time) you can't rip it down and turn it into an internet auction. Is Banksy's message against a commodified shallow society of any value when the media has turned him into a brand to be bought and sold at their whim? 

(But this kick against one very prominent prick is genius, of course. His projects, no matter how commodified, are never going to disappoint.)