Sack Parliament

Sack Parliament
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Parson St: three boys walking over the pedestrian crossing. One is pushing a tiny blue and silver motorbike (something a 3 year old should be riding, but for some reason the pre-teens end up riding around parks, ruining the grass), one's riding a bike, and the other is tall for his age and fat (I bet his nickname is Cartman).

Fat kid to Bike kid: yeh, so I can get you 400 Lambert for £28.

Estimated age of kids: 11 years old.


Link Dump 29/10/06

  • Think Outside the Box, an honest portrait of the UK version of Deal or No Deal by my favorite Guardian writer Jon Ronson. Oh hey, there's his website, and it's ugly. I hope he fixes that soon.
  • Reprocessed, a time stop video thing of someone redecorating a room. Sounds boring, but isn't. [via].


Hey Jeph

Hey Jeph
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Dear Sony

I was never a big fan of your range, but now you've closed down Lik-Sang, I'm really fucked off. I don't think I'll choose to buy any of your products for a reaaaaaaaaally long time. And from the looks of the comments on the Lik-Sang news post, you've just eliminated a massive portion of your target audience that regularly buy your consoles. Smart move, because the PS3 totally doesn't need to be bought, it will exist simply on overpriced commercials and Christmas hype.

I am praying, praying to the heavens that someone will sweep in and rescue Lik-Sang from this. I can't accept that the second order I was going to place in a few months is not going to come to fruitition. :(


Autumnal Dame

Autumnal Dame
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Link Dump 23/10/06

  • I want a pet Axolotl. It's like something from the depths of WoW.


Greeting (detail: sign)

Greeting (detail: sign)
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Death of a President

Death of a President is just finishing up it's premiere on UK TV. 

It's nothing special, hardly inventive.  All it "shows" is a one-sided ideal that the current authorities in charge of America are intolerant of protestors, non-whites and especially Muslims - and are at best, prejudiced, deluded and incompetent. And George W. Bush is somehow killed without a sense of murder - no blood, no gore, no real attachment to violence.

Not exactly a film for my generation, who have had this (this constant wall of endless, hopeless BS) repeatedly thrown in our faces for the last five years. Yes, we know things are fucked up, we all watched those towers fall, and read the torture reports, and watched as Bush and Blair fumbled their way through speeches and then started a war. Just for once, show us something we don't know. This stagnant political air is unbearable.


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V Sign 3 (afar)

V Sign 3 (afar)
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Purple Rain, Purple Rain (detail: ball)

Purple Rain, Purple Rain (detail: ball)
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Link Dump 15/10/06

  • Nemo are the London-based band supporting Imogen Heap on her latest tour. They have the whole psuedo-70's/Bob Dylan/modern rock thing going on. They sound better live than they do in the studio.
  • PingMag: Hanayo. She seems to be some kind of multifunctional model art-socialite. Very interesting.


wonderful workshop bristol

wonderful workshop bristol
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I love zefrank #2

What? You don't know how to play the Worst Ever game? 


Google Buys YouTube

Hollllllyyyyy shiiiit. Google buys YouTube for $1.65 BILLION. Best merger ever! This means we shouldn't be losing YouTube to:

a) hosting problems
b) suspicious advertising or
c) large, overbearing broadcasting corporations

any time soon.

The "community" (which is ten times worse than Slashdot in the comments sector, but excellent at uploading content) will stay intact, it sounds as if Google won't be interfering too much, and the site will hopefully get some most excellent upgrades in tech quality (no doubt there will be a lot of haulage backstage to begin with).

I hope this means the eventual death of Google Video (even though the report claims it will continue), because lets face it,  although it's not as bad as the other *insert company name*+video clones, it was never really anything special. Perhaps they could turn it into the paid-for side of YouTube? Feels a bit redundant for a company to own two video sharing/viewing websites.  [via]


Some people on MeFi are happy and some are not, which reflects a lot of the reactions going around the net in the last 24 hours. Most of the criticisms stem from boring things like copyright issues. If they really start to bury the illegal content, then so what? Sure, it will be a step backwards, but it's not like there aren't other methods for seeing the latest episode of the Daily Show (torrents), or mashed up CSI GSR shipper videos (independent fan sites). Ahem. Not that I watch that kind of thing of course.  Google will work it out. YouTube will work it out. Hell, the industries are already bowing to the pressure. These are exciting times. I think that people just need an excuse to bitch about something (and then upload their videos to YouTube).


Update: Projects & Myself

While I was accessing ftp for the first time in a good 3 months (changing my CSS stylesheet), and clicking around my website, I realised that absolutely zero of my projects listed on my about page have been touched in an even longer space of time. I should work on that, especially Impressions of Vienna, as that's a tiny piece of my family history being archived there. 

So just a quick rundown of various bits and pieces:

The NIN Hotline can't be helped - when there's no news, there's no news. Meathead is keeping 
things ticking along as best he can, which is great... and in between house renovations and playing in two bands and working a full time job and godknowswhatelse Matt has been upgrading the site with AJAX! Mighty Ajax. I almost miss the hustle and bustle of last year, and then I slap myself back into reality.

WoW is admittedly eating up more time with me than it should. I'm running with an active guild (main tank for the middling-to-high pool of members, but not the highest tank overall) which is great, but it means significant amount of time spent playing for 3-4 hours minimum. It's not time I regret wasting, but I know I should be regulating myself better than I am.

My Flickr contributions increase, and my Bristol Street Art archive is pretty damn huge. It's slipped to the backburner for the past two weeks as too many people are now walking the same areas. While knautia is an excellent photographer, and captures it in a creative sense that I can never achieve, others are producing the more photojournalist outlook (ie: turn on, frame and shoot) that I'm attempting. There's no point seeing the same thing over and over in the Bristol Street Art and Graffiti pool. But my camera is more likely to be used in the near future than any of the other projects - it's involving, a little competitive, and gets me out of the house.

And then there are other things, like real life which is mostly work, TV shows, taking care of myself, rinse and repeat. As a footnote: I'm enjoying the new season of CSI and the brand new series Heroes. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'll leave it at that.


Getting closer... all the time

Gibson's new book is called Spook Country. My first thought was that it was weird, because it's not 
exactly like his other book titles. 

But it fits the current mood, no? 

(I'm trying really hard not to obsess about it. If you're interested in fan talk though,
 The Future on his messageboard is where you should be heading.) 


David Shrigley is Good

He scares me, and then I laugh.  


Link Dump 03/10/06

  • Fashion Snap, another Japanese street fashion website. See also Hel Looks, a Helsinki street fashion site. Anyone know of any similar sites for other cities?
  • - William Gibson: Johnson Bros. He's regularly posting draft pieces (presumably from the New Book) and occasionally editing them (|the RSS feed picks up the changes), and this one encapsulates everything I love about his writing.
  • - Nintendo: Sim City DS scans. This is going to be great, I can't wait for this to be released. One of those good value games that you'll play off and on for the next few years.
  • - Oddly engrossing mash up video. Literal translation of a Ricky Martin song. In theory, it sounds shit, I know. But it works, it amused me. I never expected to see some of the clips that appeared.
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One from the archives.

Clinton Clinton Clinton

Last week Bill Clinton made a fantastic speech at the Labour party conference.  

Then he kicked off at Fox News (responses by The Daily Show and Keith Olbermann are worth watching).

Ah, hope. How I missed you. He needs to hang out in the public eye a little longer, just to keep things regular.