Death of a President

Death of a President is just finishing up it's premiere on UK TV. 

It's nothing special, hardly inventive.  All it "shows" is a one-sided ideal that the current authorities in charge of America are intolerant of protestors, non-whites and especially Muslims - and are at best, prejudiced, deluded and incompetent. And George W. Bush is somehow killed without a sense of murder - no blood, no gore, no real attachment to violence.

Not exactly a film for my generation, who have had this (this constant wall of endless, hopeless BS) repeatedly thrown in our faces for the last five years. Yes, we know things are fucked up, we all watched those towers fall, and read the torture reports, and watched as Bush and Blair fumbled their way through speeches and then started a war. Just for once, show us something we don't know. This stagnant political air is unbearable.