Google Buys YouTube

Hollllllyyyyy shiiiit. Google buys YouTube for $1.65 BILLION. Best merger ever! This means we shouldn't be losing YouTube to:

a) hosting problems
b) suspicious advertising or
c) large, overbearing broadcasting corporations

any time soon.

The "community" (which is ten times worse than Slashdot in the comments sector, but excellent at uploading content) will stay intact, it sounds as if Google won't be interfering too much, and the site will hopefully get some most excellent upgrades in tech quality (no doubt there will be a lot of haulage backstage to begin with).

I hope this means the eventual death of Google Video (even though the report claims it will continue), because lets face it,  although it's not as bad as the other *insert company name*+video clones, it was never really anything special. Perhaps they could turn it into the paid-for side of YouTube? Feels a bit redundant for a company to own two video sharing/viewing websites.  [via]


Some people on MeFi are happy and some are not, which reflects a lot of the reactions going around the net in the last 24 hours. Most of the criticisms stem from boring things like copyright issues. If they really start to bury the illegal content, then so what? Sure, it will be a step backwards, but it's not like there aren't other methods for seeing the latest episode of the Daily Show (torrents), or mashed up CSI GSR shipper videos (independent fan sites). Ahem. Not that I watch that kind of thing of course.  Google will work it out. YouTube will work it out. Hell, the industries are already bowing to the pressure. These are exciting times. I think that people just need an excuse to bitch about something (and then upload their videos to YouTube).