Link Dump 03/10/06

  • Fashion Snap, another Japanese street fashion website. See also Hel Looks, a Helsinki street fashion site. Anyone know of any similar sites for other cities?
  • - William Gibson: Johnson Bros. He's regularly posting draft pieces (presumably from the New Book) and occasionally editing them (|the RSS feed picks up the changes), and this one encapsulates everything I love about his writing.
  • - Nintendo: Sim City DS scans. This is going to be great, I can't wait for this to be released. One of those good value games that you'll play off and on for the next few years.
  • - Oddly engrossing mash up video. Literal translation of a Ricky Martin song. In theory, it sounds shit, I know. But it works, it amused me. I never expected to see some of the clips that appeared.
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