Update: Projects & Myself

While I was accessing ftp for the first time in a good 3 months (changing my CSS stylesheet), and clicking around my website, I realised that absolutely zero of my projects listed on my about page have been touched in an even longer space of time. I should work on that, especially Impressions of Vienna, as that's a tiny piece of my family history being archived there. 

So just a quick rundown of various bits and pieces:

The NIN Hotline can't be helped - when there's no news, there's no news. Meathead is keeping 
things ticking along as best he can, which is great... and in between house renovations and playing in two bands and working a full time job and godknowswhatelse Matt has been upgrading the site with AJAX! Mighty Ajax. I almost miss the hustle and bustle of last year, and then I slap myself back into reality.

WoW is admittedly eating up more time with me than it should. I'm running with an active guild (main tank for the middling-to-high pool of members, but not the highest tank overall) which is great, but it means significant amount of time spent playing for 3-4 hours minimum. It's not time I regret wasting, but I know I should be regulating myself better than I am.

My Flickr contributions increase, and my Bristol Street Art archive is pretty damn huge. It's slipped to the backburner for the past two weeks as too many people are now walking the same areas. While knautia is an excellent photographer, and captures it in a creative sense that I can never achieve, others are producing the more photojournalist outlook (ie: turn on, frame and shoot) that I'm attempting. There's no point seeing the same thing over and over in the Bristol Street Art and Graffiti pool. But my camera is more likely to be used in the near future than any of the other projects - it's involving, a little competitive, and gets me out of the house.

And then there are other things, like real life which is mostly work, TV shows, taking care of myself, rinse and repeat. As a footnote: I'm enjoying the new season of CSI and the brand new series Heroes. I'm sure I've forgotten something, but I'll leave it at that.