Don't close the pool!

Ah no! Bristol City Council are discussing plans to close Bishopsworth swimming pool in favour of a giant sports centre in Hengrove.

I went to Bishopsworth Junior School - we used to walk from the school, hand in hand with our partners, over the traffic lights and across the road to have our swimming lessons there. Then we'd walk back with wet hair, stinking of chlorine to finish out the day's lessons. I remember coming back at least once with no underwear on, and I'm not sure why. Do schools still give out swimming lessons? Anyway, if they decide to close the pool (along with another local pool) it will mean that as a city we're becoming more and more dependent on shopping/leisure complexes and less on local businesses. This will then turn us into the dull side of America: land of anonymous suburbs with no local shops within walking distance, and generic concrete parking lots surrounded by oversized stores and cinemas (which have been creeping in over the last ten years). Bleurgh.