2006 Honours List

Favorite Song: White and Nerdy by Weird Al Yankovic. Geek anthem for the current internet generation, the video was leaked/removed/leaked until Weird Al showed support for it's presence, and it strikes way too many chords with me because I know I'm too uncool to be listening to hip hop.

Favorite Album: Gnarls Barkley's St Elsewhere (Youtube has videos). When you realise an album is nothing like you've ever heard before, you get the same kind of feeling people must have had when the Beatles turned up. Kind of magic, kind of special, and I loved the cartoon element of their performances. Too many people were distracted by the hype (mostly thanks to radio stations overplaying Crazy) to listen to the new album properly, which is sad, but I bet they'll get around to it at some point in their lives.

Favorite Game: Nintendo's Animal Crossing - Wild World. Simple concepts of moving into a new town, maintaining it and collecting new furniture for your house = for the win. There are masses of websites for the online community, as the free Nintendo Wifi connection that comes with the DS handheld console makes it possible to not only visit your friend's towns, but make completely new friends at the same time. Pre-WoW, this was my gaming addiction.

Favorite UK TV series: Doctor Who. Goodbye Rose. Even searching for a clip makes me emotional, and there were other great moments throughout Series Three. Cybermen versus Daleks, for instance, and more information about Torchwood.

Favorite US TV series: Heroes. I've long been disinterested in the majority of classic superhero stories, hating the inhuman perfection of characters like Superman. So I watched the, fully expecting to dislike it and not expecting to think it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. Of course it didn't help that Lost has gone down the pan, and isn't likely to recover in the second half of it's third season. Premise: real people evolve superhuman abilities and are trying to hide them, while other people try to find them, and a nuclear bomb is set to destroy the world. The comic book influence is prevalent, there are plenty of nice gruesome parts, and some of the characters are quite likeable (while some are a little irritating). Not sure when it will hit UK shores though.

Favorite Film: Mysterious Skin. Yes, I know this came out two years ago, but I only caught wind of it halfway through the year. Marks the return of Greg Araki to my life after a few years of absence. Themes: gay sex (of course), shocking violence/rape/paedophilia, young Hollywood/TV star cast playing outcast small town kids, rock music, and alien abduction. Film doesn't get much better than that for me.

Favorite Book: Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles. An indirect recommendation from someone at Ask Mefi seeking out one of the short stories (linked behind the title), I admit I bought the book because the cover was beautiful and I knew Bradbury is someone I will always intend to read more of. It tracks the future movements of man migrating from Earth to the inhabited Mars, eradicating the culture to replace it with our own. And I think it ends up being more reflective of the Western world's modern history, rather than what our future will be like (but then, you could say that about most sci fi, no?), which is profoundly sad and maddening. I wish that things weren't as they are.

Honorary Mention: Torchwood. Originally the code name for the first new Doctor Who series, the spin off tracks Captain Jack Harkness (the American from the Blitz episodes, remember?) hanging out in a secret base in the middle of Cardiff with a pterodactyl (that has been ignored far too much in this first season) and a couple of nerdy horny lonely scientists. For all that the Doctor fixes, Jack unwittingly fucks up in a mournful attempt to find out the truths of the universe he kinda knows he'll never understand. There's are many links to the original Who series (to delight geeks like I), and a hell of a lot of bisexual/gay/straight sex going on. I loves it.


Up Skirt

Up Skirt, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Most viewed Flickr picture of the year - now nonexistant in real life. I remember taking it on an extremely windy day, being bashed from side to side, taking numerous blurry pictures until I got this one. I just wish I had taken more.

Link Dump 25/12/06

  • YouTube: With Love, a shockingly sexual commercial for Hillary Duff. I demand more.
  • Bristol street art is made considerably better thanks to the presence of Xenz.


Merry Christmas!

This Christmas period has been the first time in about a year, even when I've had holidays or weeks away from work, where I've been able to sit and do absolutely nothing. What a luxury: to be able to sit, have the TV on, click around, but not have any aim or reason. I've been briefly recapturing last year, the period of sickness where my gallbladder > me, by staying up as late as I can manage and then sleeping as long as my body desired. And I feel pretty good, more like myself, and less like the person that has to make 30 calls an hour for six hours a day, hitting answerphones, irrational rudeness and blaring work-related noise.

So, chaps, people of the internet: Merry Christmas, I wish you good eats, and here's to an interesting 2007.


Smoke & Fog

Smoke & Fog, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Mike Dickin RIP

Talksport radio host Mike Dickin died yesterday in a six car pile up. Here's one for you my friend, you were a huge personality and although I've not listened to the station for a while, I'm sad that this is how you went out.



Jawz, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Robyn @YouTube

You may or may not have heard of Robyn [wikipedia/myspace], a Swedish pop singer from Stockholm. Last year, she shed her bland image and founded Konichiwa Records and made "Robyn", the best pop album of 2005. No, seriously.

This year was YouTube's year, and it seems only fit to combine the two.

Clips of Robyn through the years. My Only Reason, in which she sounds a lot like failed Irish pop act B*witched. Don't Stop the Music, which I think was her breakout song. Show me Love, from the same album, and a live performance in front of some old people of the same song. Jag vet en dejilig rosa, a "sad old Swedish song".

Moving onto the present day (and the good stuff): Be Mine, and the acoustic version. Handle Me, and a "live" (aka with a backing track) performance in Africa. Crash and Burn Girl. And last but not least a medley ending with Konichiwa Bitches. Some of these may be NSFW.



Bubbles, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Nameless School

Nameless School, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Green is the magic colour

Green is the magic colour, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Ongoing Problems

Due to ongoing problems with my hosting (despite payment, toastyhost still haven't restored access to ftp), I decided this was the right time to be changing the url of this fair weblog.

It's going to cause all kinds of problems, especially with my LJ Feed (can any paid up members of Livejournal recreate it for me?) and chances are that I might lose the small amount of people who pass by, but it's just easier this way if you hit my currently defunct site and have to re-Google me. I think Blogger keeps the old url for a certain amount of time and redirects, but in the longterm http://natalifisher.blogspot.net is the place to catch me.


Moleskine: pages 43 to 44

Moleskine: pages 43 to 44
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My website's been down since last week as I let the hosting/domain fees slip. Whoops. Paid it last night, so I'm hoping it will be back up ASAP.


Link Dump 3/12/06

  • Courtney Love is running BBC 6 Music on the 11th of this month. I wish there was some possible way of playing this at work, but we don't have a digital radio, and my coworkers would pitch a fit.
  • Mark Todd produces some beautiful but unsettling art. Reminds me of something, but I can't put my finger on it.


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I didn't even try to justify buying this. Malota is one of my favorite artists on Flickr, and very very nice to boot. I loved the hats she started posting, and she offered to reserve me one until I could pay. 60 euros later (£41 and including shipping) she's sending one to me on Monday (from Spain!). After the onslaught of love for some of the things she's been posting that are saleable, she's now reopened her shop. You should go and look.


He had Cornflower Blue Eyes

He had Cornflower Blue Eyes
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Proud of this one.