Robyn @YouTube

You may or may not have heard of Robyn [wikipedia/myspace], a Swedish pop singer from Stockholm. Last year, she shed her bland image and founded Konichiwa Records and made "Robyn", the best pop album of 2005. No, seriously.

This year was YouTube's year, and it seems only fit to combine the two.

Clips of Robyn through the years. My Only Reason, in which she sounds a lot like failed Irish pop act B*witched. Don't Stop the Music, which I think was her breakout song. Show me Love, from the same album, and a live performance in front of some old people of the same song. Jag vet en dejilig rosa, a "sad old Swedish song".

Moving onto the present day (and the good stuff): Be Mine, and the acoustic version. Handle Me, and a "live" (aka with a backing track) performance in Africa. Crash and Burn Girl. And last but not least a medley ending with Konichiwa Bitches. Some of these may be NSFW.