CBS buys Last.fm. Time to disable the plugins?


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Lights, Camera, Action

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Tea in the Rain <3

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Did I mention how excellent Dizzee Rascal's new video is? No? Well, now I have.

Missionary Style

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Link Dump 25/05/07

  • Hiroshi Watanabe. Simple website, simple photography. I think all of it is non-colour.
  • Field Guide to the Loner - the Real Insiders by Elizabeth Svoboda (is that website correct?). "Introverts aren't just less sociable than extroverts; they also engage with the world in fundamentally different ways. While outgoing people savor the nuances of social interaction, loners tend to focus more on their own ideas—and on stimuli that don't register in the minds of others. Social engagement drains them, while quiet time gives them an energy boost. This particularly rings true with me and has a lot to do with why I decide to pick up a camera.


Link Dump 20/05/07


Landscape, Clustered

Landscape, Clustered, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Richard Littlejohn makes me SICK

But that's his job, innit? I would say that I'd hope no one would take him seriously and actually agree with his maniacal and misinformed opinions, but I know they do. That's the only thing wrong with the country I live in, which may not actually be the same one he's describing, as they don't sound a damn thing alike.


Link Dump 13/05/07

  • Little People, a photo blog of miniature models in every day scenery.
  • Apparently Japan hasn't been a successful market for The Sims. So Maxis came up with a cuter version called MySims. It looks less graphics intensive, so it might actually run on my desktop unlike The Sims 2. But it feels weirdly unofficial and/or fake.
  • Body Type - Intimate Messages Etched In Flesh. Tattoos involving words, some scarification.


Think Pink

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Link Dump 10/05/07

  • PingMag: Mr Takashi makes bags. Bags modelled on traditional designs carried by Edo-era Japanese workers: "In Edo times, bags were made from super strong hemp and woven into a tube, so that there were no side seams. This style would be ideal for carrying something like rice, which could easily slip through or get stuck in the seams." They look gorgeous and ye olden, and have Japanese puns dyed into the fabric.
  • Grocery Lists is a website of found grocery lists. I discovered this after searching for ideas for my weekly trip to the supermarket, and while it's amusing, it's actually not half bad for reminding me of things I should be buying. Grocery Lists Top 10. Dog Bacon!
  • EnglishRussia: "If you live at a high floor and got an urge to mount an air conditioner yourself, trying to save on installation costs - here is a Russian experience on how it can be done easily."
  • A trip to NY may be in my future soon, 5 Points, NYC is amazing. I would come out with a year's worth of Flickring (in LA, I covered one block of La Brea Ave, and came out with 150 pictures in total). We need more disused buildings issuing permits to be painted back to life. Great stuff.



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Dirty What

Dirty What, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Cut in Two

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In Progress (I see your pantz)

In Progress (I see your pantz), originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 01/05/07

  • I was very happy to see Forrest Whitaker awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It has occurred to me that the actors I think are my favorites are people whose films I don't like, and the films I watch a lot tend to have the same actors (eg: Whitaker, William H. Macy, John Goodman et al) making solid performances time after time. I should re-adjust my ideas on this one.
  • Flickr: São Paulo No Logo. Apparently the city has banned billboard advertising, and is now splattered with the skeletons of the former structures. Wish they'd just turned them over to the local street artists - they would have made something worth looking at. But eerie, nonetheless.
  • Armed America. Americans who own guns, and their stories. I'm pretty pro-weapon, as long as there's suitable training and knowledge behind it.
  • Flickr: Poloroid/Emulsion transfers. I wasn't sure what to think of this until I clicked. I find the use of colour and subject quite... poignant. [Favorites: 1, 2 and 3]
  • Spiders! Not really for the arachnophobic, but jebus, some of these spiders are pretty.
  • Wikipedia has a list of British-Chinese people. A lot less people in the food industry, a lot more in the entertainment industry than expected. I find it weird that a list even exists, but so it goes.
  • In possibly the weirdest, thoughtless act ever, Channel 4 has axed Popworld, a hugely popular Saturday morning music show. Possibly the only one with a sense of humour that appealed these days. I didn't care about the other music shows that went on over the weekend in the last 10 years - they were aimed at the 7-12 age range anyway. But this? This is a travesty, and I do not know what I'll do without Alexa Chung on my telly each week. Meh.