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For Riding a Skateboard

Asshole with too much authority throws teenagers around on concrete sidewalks, puts a young girl in a headlock (about 2 minutes in), yell about the "law" and "resisting arrest" without attempting to calm a situation or discuss what was happening with the kids, all for riding a skateboard. Oddly enough, I am suddenly very appreciative of UK policemen and women, because it's not very often you see them acting like that - especially towards non-violent confused young people.


Asian Supermarket List

Compiled at work, some food I would immediately purchase and eat if I was in San Diego:

  • Giant jar of Kimchee. OMG, such craving.
  • Asse Chocolate. No, that is not photoshopped. It's quite light and flakey, and very susceptible to melting when left on the back seat of your car in very hot weather.
  • Strangely high calorie, pulpy Aloe Vera drink.
  • Fresh tuna sushi from Mitsuwa supermarket. Seriously good for pre-packaged stuff.
  • Lotte Chocolate Filled Koala Biscuits which remind me eternally of the lost Cartoonie biscuits that appeared when I was of Junior school age, and then disappeared :( Haven't found the white chocolate versions yet.
You can get a lot of these from places like Japanese Kitchen (who I use a lot, and recommend), but there's nothing like picking them up from a proper Asian supermarket.


If you didn't read the comments: www.waiyeehong.com has opened up a brand new store in Eastville. Now I have the choice between a 1 hour ride to a decent store, or waiting on deliveries. Woohoo! I love choice.



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Link Dump 25/06/07

  • New look Tank Girl, as drawn by Ashley Wood (there are some more sketches there). I am not opposed to this change, I need to keep catching up with Tank Girl. I am probably the only one who loved the movie (hey! I was 13! Leave me alone!)...
  • BBCNews: Teacher's Union wants stab vests. There is something very interesting and significant about this, and I think parents in particular need to pay attention to how threatened teachers are feeling in their children's schools.
  • Hitotoki is an archive (? not sure if that is the right word, but 'blog' does not fit a description of this website) of people's experiences of Japan. Think creative nonfiction, designed for reading in short bursts. This is the kind of writing I would like to be able to build a career on... someday.
I have a horrible long list of ignored links I'm going through, so this lot is a bit dated.


Link Dump 24/06/07

  • EnglishRussia: Schoolgirls (in fountains and short dresses).
  • Commandment 4 - Be Frugal. I think it's pretty important to start accumulating lists of things by the time you hit your 20s, especially lists that relate to how you spend your money.


Conserve Water - Watch This Space


Russian party

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Stomach viruses suck :(


Frustrated Discomachine

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Flickr Favorite Slideshow

Instead of looking at my photos, how about you look at the stuff I like instead? In slideshow form, because it's easier than clicking.

Welcome to the Family

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Robyn - Cobrastyle


Flashy Gumbo

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Sickboy: Back 4 More

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Hooligan Swamp

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Eddie Loves You Baby

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Link Dump 03/06/07

  • I am looking forward to Wong Kar Wai's new movie My Blueberry Nights [bmn]. A lot of the critics are saying that having Western actors has ruined what makes his films so specifically perfect.
  • Secret History by David Kynaston: "At times her natural optimism slipped - as during a dreadfully frustrating morning at the butcher in pursuit of a rabbit ("This shopping! All housewives are fed up to the eyebrows with it") and on giving birth to her first child ("Had a bad night with Sister Hilton nagging me the whole time. I had pains every few minutes and she said I was all right till she came on. She told me to forget myself and think of babe and termed me neurotic.")."
  • The Beeb have picked up Heroes thank god. This show is too good to be buried away on paid-for channels, and people I've spoken to about it are hoping they'll air the first season before the second comes around - I've been raving about it for long enough.


Name Calling

Mr Chapman said: "The abuse we get is unbelievable. It started more than three years ago, when the kids started getting bullied by lads over the colour of their hair. They've been punched and kicked and thrown over a hedge. Every time they go out these gangs get to them.
OK, so if ginger hair is still a trigger for continual, serious abuse, I wonder how it is for everyone else that doesn't fit in around their way? People who aren't white or speak English as a second language? Some parts of this country are stuck 100 years behind the rest of us, and that's not necessarily a good thing.


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