Spook Country, P.42

Alberto - "I have to position virtual lights, so shadows will be cast correctly."

Spook Country, P.22

The use of the phrase "spatially tagged hypermedia". Oh. Baby.


IT HAS ARRIVED, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

The Pearce Sisters

Something by the Aardman studios, you need to watch this right now. Flash, 2 short clips, seriously tugging on something in my soul. Ready, steady, go.

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats

Laugh-Out-Loud Cats #5, originally uploaded by Ape Lad.

Ape Lad on Flickr: "As the only known cartoonist relative of Aloysius "Gorilla" Koford, I am authorized to sell black and white postcard sized portraits of Kitteh and Pip (on old-timey looking paper even!), for a mere $20 via HOBOTOPIA". You can buy other related merch here, or just look at the flickr set. Whatever tickles your fancy.


Anonymous Responds

A follow up to this. Slightly creepy, but totally awesome. Hack the planet!

Link Dump 30/07/07

  • We're not friends, sorry. In my opinion: Flickr has the best categories as there's no actual pressure to make someone a friend as some kind of status symbol (it's also the least bitchy community I've ever come across). I add people as contacts because I want to look at their photos in my RSS feed, and I've bumped a few people I like and trust because at some point I may need to use the "friends" filter for my photos. Very easy, very straightforward, no pretence that anyone is more familiar than they would be in real life.
  • BldgBlog has the best summation of the recent flooding in the UK: "I'm totally fascinated by the idea that adventure tourism firms might someday lead wreck-diving tours through the flooded ruins of London: in your expensive re-breathing gear, you'll roll backward off a boat, flashlight in hand... and the coral-specked vaults of St. Paul's are now yours to explore."


Portrait of a Bee

Portrait of a Bee, originally uploaded by _saturnine.




Banksy Tag

Banksy Tag, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 26/07/07

  • BBCNews: Hunger links asthma and obesity: "Scientists at King's College London say they have pinned down a protein which contributes to inflammation of the lungs as well as increasing hunger. I would be very tempted to use this as a partial explanation as to why I struggle with my fatness.
  • A whole bunch of US next-season shows have leaked onto torrenting networks (Weeds! Yay!) and for once, TV networks are being fingered as the source. I firmly believe that there are more "official" sources of leaked material out there than is accepted.
  • Start Drawing, a blog showcasing Asian artists (and seemingly some folk who spend time in Asian countries, or exhibit connections to Asian culture), Some top notch stuff here.
  • Alan Watts as animated by the South Park chaps. I had never heard of Alan Watts before this, but the animations are wonderful. Not what you're expecting, more like those little animations you might see on Sesame Street or in the afternoons when all the kid's shows are on. Truly lovely stuff.
  • Jason Scott: The Delight of Decades. "At the age of 15, he explained, we had no perspective, no idea what decades were, what that meant; they were just words to us, time not yet something behind us, but before us. So when we were covering events and relaying years and time as measurements, we, the students, had to do our best to gain perspective on things that in many cases took multiple iterations of our lives to complete." I first dialled into this internet thing in 1997. Ten whole years ago, using Windows 95, having to wait until after 6pm so that the phone charges were cheaper, and being obsessed with the chatrooms (the first time I ever spoke to people in America!). I had no idea what I was doing, or where I should start, and I feel totally amazed at what everything has become in such a short space of time. But it's not a short space of time, it's a whole decade, and that officially makes me feel like a grownup.


V.I.P., originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Smoking Kills

Smoking Kills, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Amazon interviews William Gibson

I didn't even realise Amazon had a blog, or that it would interview awesome writers! All a bit obvious really, when you think about it.

"I don't know if I'll be able to make up an imaginary future in the same way. In the '80s and '90s, as strange as it may seem to say this, we had such luxury of stability. Things weren't changing quite so quickly in the '80s and '90s. And when things are changing too quickly, as one of the characters in Pattern Recognition says, you don't have any place to stand from which to imagine a very elaborate future."

[Parts: 1, 2, 3]

I am so damn excited for Spook Country. This is the first Gibson book I've been able to wait for, and it's going to be great to have something new to demolish and rebuild and visualise in my head. Hell, I'm still doing that with the other books, and I feel like I've only just started. That's the thing I like about his books: he's dense. Rich. Informative. A lot like the internet on a good day.


Windows, Lines, Clouds

Windows, Lines, Clouds, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Denim Blue

Justin Jin wrote an excellent article for the Guardian Weekend magazine on the conditions of a jean distressing factory. His website has the photo essay in full (the magazine only printed a handful of images) and it's worth a look. It's not going to stop me buying cheap jeans (buying jeans is not the problem, they could be doing this and still protecting the workers health), but it shows how ridiculous it is that there are factories out there damaging people's health just for the sake of something looking pre-worn. Especially when it costs into the three-figures.


What Alien?

What Alien?, originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Elyse Sewell: Since you are merely lukewarm, I'm going to spit you out of my mouth!

Orchard Mini-Set

Orchard Lane circa 2007

Orchard Street circa 2007

Orchard Lane Rooftops


Polar Bear Wall (detail: drip drip)


Link Dump 19/07/07

  • PingMag: Jun Hanyunyuu: Impact Manga!! - I sometimes find the most interesting artists through PingMag, thanks to them providing a variety of images alongside interesting question/answer routines: "For “Koi no Mon,” I started just by wondering how two people with entirely different hobbies and interests would get on with each other under the same roof. That was around the time when “Otaku” were beginning to be recognised socially, but I couldn’t identify with their habits at all - what kind of a love life could these guys possibly have? So basically, I made up a story around something that interested me."
  • Kids and Money - young people talking about their sources/views/uses of money. It gets less heartcrushing after the two girls that like 4 figure handbags are done speaking.
  • Jazz Messenger [bmn] by Haruki Murakami. I've bit the bullet, he is an interesting person, it's time I started picking up his novels.

Discrimination in the UK

  • Somali-Bristolian women are increasingly becoming targets of violence. On Wednesday, a pregnant woman and her child were attacked. How fucked in the head do you have to be to beat up a pregnant woman? Somalian and Polish people are the number one target for the racist twats in this city, and more really needs to be done to protect them - mostly through re-educating the white people who feel like their resources are being "stolen" from them. Lesson one should be the difference between an economic migrant, and an asylum seeker, and how they are absorbed into our society.
  • 225,000 people sign a petition against a large mosque being built in East London. Apparently it will cause "terrible violence" and "more money should be spent on the NHS". Despite the fact that it will contain facilities that educate and promote communication between people, and it being funded with private money. Let's face it, too many people in this country skim read The Sun and from that think their opinions are well informed - so their view of a Mosque would be a recruiting ground for terrorism, not a religious place of worship. I hope this build goes ahead, I hope the architecture is beautiful and just personally: I wish I lived in an area where I could hear the call to prayer every morning, it sounds fantastic.

Polar Bear Wall (detail: Polar Bear)



If you have the spare time and something that reads .pdf files, ezines are pretty cool things to take hold of and browse through. Via PDF mags, I bookmarked a chunk back in March, recently got to go through the list, and discovered a few gems:

  • ANTI - excellent zine for artists, excellent quality, fluid themes, has a bit of a Tony Hart feel to it, especially if you listen to music whilst flipping through the images.
  • Blanket Magazine - 4 sections to download, lots of interviews with featured artists, as well as stand alone pieces.
  • CRAM magazine - modern culture, architecture, technology. Must download more.
  • Crush to Pulp - writing with some photography.
I openly admit my total addiction to magazines (spent too long standing in front of many magazine stands, North America seems to be more in favour of stocking small/quarterly publications), so may the zines continue. Not entirely sure that I'm done with exploring PDF mags either, so I'll end up posting any new finds in my link dumps in the future.



Incentive for people to recycle - offer some kind of deduction from their council tax. If this article is to be understood correctly, recycling will save the council money in the long term. So say, after 5 years of recycling being a success in the city, begin to offer deductions (5%? 10%?) for those households that are successfully recycling (instead of not bothering, or contaminating the recycling trucks) their weekly consumption.

People hate recycling, people hate their council tax, but we can't function properly as a city without either of them. Combine the two in a positive way, people might be happier.


Coiled, originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Hardy, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 16/07/07

  • Warren Ellis talks about 'Burst Culture': "I love print. I love magazines that commit and pay for long articles and long fiction. The web rewards neither approach. It’s a packeted medium, a surf medium. Short bursts are the way to go. The web isn’t a replacement medium — it’s *another” medium."
  • Vice Magazine: French Riot Kids. So much to see on this website, I don't know where to start.
  • According to the head of the Polish Foundation against Homophobia, huge numbers of gay Poles are fleeing the country for the UK thanks to the openly homophobic government. Thanks to all the shit-talk I hear from people about Polish immigrants, I'm getting interested in, not necessarily the country, but the culture and why so many Polish people leave their families to work (jobs they are often overqualified for) here. While I'm aware of how horrifically right wing so many European countries are, I wasn't aware Poland was one of them: "It is not just the police who are openly homophobic. Lech Wojtewski, 23, from Warsaw, said his doctor had referred him to a vet when he went to for a check-up. 'He told me there was a specialist for people like me and gave me an address. When I got there it was a vet. I called him and he said, "What did you expect? You are an animal".'"


Metafilter ftw

I was under the impression that a lot of the random comments and threads I'd favorited were... well, just that. Random, out of context, in need of cleaning up. Not so! Here are some outtakes:

"If you see the Wal-Mart, kill the Wal-Mart." [Eidtaker]

"I dropped my cell phone AND a loaded handgun into the toilet once. Both at the same time. It's all simple physics. My slacks were not rigid enough and the holster flipped backwards knocking out the gun and taking my phone with it." [KevinSkomsvold]

" I guess I can't be mad at mom for making the Red Lobster employees sing me happy birthday anymore. P.S. I look sinister wearing a foam lobster on my head." [ThePowerNap]

"The robotic Chinaman is cause for alarm! With over a billion citizens, the last thing we need is for them to be made of easily replaceable components." [jonson]


"Sometimes, mr. compiler is compiling, or mr. database is chewing on something, or mr. tomcat is being bounced. Then mr. orthogonality comments." [orthagonality]

"Cockroaches can survive microwaves (microwaved one for 30 minutes); they can also survive decapitation for awhile as well. Boric acid is good if you have an infestation due to causing the roach to be unable to absorb water and they bring it back to their nest but it takes time and is dangerous to other live beings. Boric acid poisoned roaches sort of leave an unpleasant goo that will not do well for your machine." [jadepearl]

All of my favorited threads involve the collapse of society, sex tips, and things to do with children. Oh yeh, I'm going to survive come the next Armageddon, all thanks to the power of Metafilter!

Stickers At Any Time

Stickers At Any Time, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Second day of Ashton Court Festival cancelled thanks to the rain. Is it just me, or is this amount of water from the sky, even for England, incredibly odd? I know we had hot and dry spells earlier in the year, but I've never seen it rain so solidly during the summer before. Rain rain, then a day of dry warm summer, and then more rain.

I feel for the festival organisers this year as well, it's been a struggle to get the whole thing sorted and legitimate, they had to do fundraisers to get the cash together, and Damon Albarn's new band would have been mint to watch. This Bristol summer, it is cursed.


Two Things

  • The Special Edition packaging for Zeitgeist (new Smashing Pumpkins album) has to be seen to be believed. When artists make the effort, it is completely worth dropping £13 on a physical version of an album. Quick run down: photography by Billy Corgan himself, lots of cut out television cardboard inserts, quite a few pages are transparent - the final two pages are two transparent pages of Billy and JC's faces overlapping, which blew my mind. I don't care for the haters, I am chuffed to bits that they're back and making the greatest music ever.
  • Winterstoke Rd looks like MySpace and American Apparel have simultaneously exploded their contents all over the pavements. Yes, the Ashton Court Festival is back, and it's more hipster than ever. Can't be arsed to go up any more, too lazy.

The Albert Inn circa 2007

The Albert Inn circa 2007, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Teenage Piece

Don't think I ever posted this. The most hardcore of street art forms: the metal sculpture that's welded into rock.

Dimanche, C'est Bon

Dimanche, C'est Bon, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Progressive Britain

Quote from North St:

"It's disgusting, this recycling..."

Argus Fish Bar circa 2007

Argus Fish Bar circa 2007, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


St. Aldheim's

St. Aldheim's, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 10/07/07

  • Smashing Pumpkins @ Live Earth. United States is a bit long, and because they've been touring live recently, I've heard all this before, so I would recommend watching Tarantula and Today.

I Predict One

I Predict One, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Shogun Assasin Clips

All the clips used in GZA's album Liquid Swords, and yes I am late to the party with this one.

Box o'Crayons

Box o'Crayons, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


The Arrows Wall (detail: Shimzzzzzzzz)


When catching certain commercials, I often have problems working out whether the subject is an advert for a really bad film or an American TV show. 5 seconds ago, it just turned out to be the latter, when I initially thought it was some kind of bad Pirates of the Caribbean rip off.

The Arrows Wall (detail: Gumbo)


New Assistant

Catherine Tate? WTF? That Christmas episode was shite. Shitey shitey shite. But then so was the middle of the recent series, and Martha, and the wonderful non-terror of the Master, all of which I suspect has something to do with the writers not realising that mooning over the Doctor to the detriment of the character is not really something that's fun to watch. In fact, it was a little embarrassing, and that's where CT's character is at least in it for the win. I would have preferred someone completely new.