If you have the spare time and something that reads .pdf files, ezines are pretty cool things to take hold of and browse through. Via PDF mags, I bookmarked a chunk back in March, recently got to go through the list, and discovered a few gems:

  • ANTI - excellent zine for artists, excellent quality, fluid themes, has a bit of a Tony Hart feel to it, especially if you listen to music whilst flipping through the images.
  • Blanket Magazine - 4 sections to download, lots of interviews with featured artists, as well as stand alone pieces.
  • CRAM magazine - modern culture, architecture, technology. Must download more.
  • Crush to Pulp - writing with some photography.
I openly admit my total addiction to magazines (spent too long standing in front of many magazine stands, North America seems to be more in favour of stocking small/quarterly publications), so may the zines continue. Not entirely sure that I'm done with exploring PDF mags either, so I'll end up posting any new finds in my link dumps in the future.