Link Dump 19/07/07

  • PingMag: Jun Hanyunyuu: Impact Manga!! - I sometimes find the most interesting artists through PingMag, thanks to them providing a variety of images alongside interesting question/answer routines: "For “Koi no Mon,” I started just by wondering how two people with entirely different hobbies and interests would get on with each other under the same roof. That was around the time when “Otaku” were beginning to be recognised socially, but I couldn’t identify with their habits at all - what kind of a love life could these guys possibly have? So basically, I made up a story around something that interested me."
  • Kids and Money - young people talking about their sources/views/uses of money. It gets less heartcrushing after the two girls that like 4 figure handbags are done speaking.
  • Jazz Messenger [bmn] by Haruki Murakami. I've bit the bullet, he is an interesting person, it's time I started picking up his novels.