Link Dump 30/07/07

  • We're not friends, sorry. In my opinion: Flickr has the best categories as there's no actual pressure to make someone a friend as some kind of status symbol (it's also the least bitchy community I've ever come across). I add people as contacts because I want to look at their photos in my RSS feed, and I've bumped a few people I like and trust because at some point I may need to use the "friends" filter for my photos. Very easy, very straightforward, no pretence that anyone is more familiar than they would be in real life.
  • BldgBlog has the best summation of the recent flooding in the UK: "I'm totally fascinated by the idea that adventure tourism firms might someday lead wreck-diving tours through the flooded ruins of London: in your expensive re-breathing gear, you'll roll backward off a boat, flashlight in hand... and the coral-specked vaults of St. Paul's are now yours to explore."