Cheo gets a Website

I like Cheo, he makes cute bees and cute tees and now there is cheo.co.uk and the world is a better place for it. One day, if the stars are kind, we better see Cheo kiddie's books as well.


There's Only One Sun

Wong Kar Wai has made a film for Philips, so yes, it's advertising BUT WHO CARES. It's Wong Kar Wai!!! He is blameless, faultless and perfect. Make sure you click through to the whole film (instead of just the preview) and there's also a soundtrack mp3 to download from the bottom right hand corner.

This will tide me over until My Blueberry Nights.

H.R.H. Pigeon of Hanover

H.R.H. Pigeon of Hanover, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Spotted (last night)

Someone paragliding across the sky over Ashton. A definite "damn I wish I had my camera" moment.

This is our Future

I don't think Labour are going to win the next election. I think David Cameron will be our next Prime Minister, and this is what he has to say about immigration:

Immigration over the past decade has been "too high" and needs to be better controlled, Conservative leader David Cameron has told the BBC's Newsnight. People's concerns were "not because of different cultures" or the colour of someone's skin but pressure on schools, hospitals and housing, he said.

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. If you talk to people about this issue, it boils down to one thing and one thing only: they don't understand the people they think are different. They don't understand why a Muslim woman wears a hijab. They think that Indian people are terrorists. They don't know what an asylum seeker is. They don't understand the way the European Union works. They don't understand why they don't have any money but people with accents are owning a business down the street. They sure as hell haven't been educated about the British Empire.

So, thanks to this lack of knowledge and existing resentment towards their state in life: usually bored, working a hard job and thinking they deserve more in life, the tabloid newspapers swim on in and give them a target to throw all their problems towards.

Why can't you get a job? It's not because you messed around in school and can barely read or write, and have no access to reclaiming that education! It's because those immigrants are being given your jobs because they work for £3 an hour!

Why can't you get a council house? It's not because you're not a priority and could rent from a private landlord if you could be bothered to get a job and work hard and not piss your money up the wall in the pub every night. It's because the illegal Polish immigrants are skipping the queue and getting them instead!

Why are waiting lists for operations so long? It's not because the government piles money into management instead of paying for nurses and doctors and surgeons, or you can't keep the basics of healthcare down by yourself! It's because those asylum seekers are coming over to get their free breast implants given to them on the NHS!

And on and on and on.

"Limiting immigration" is a dirty racist policy designed to appeal to people who are undereducated about this country being a multicultural society, as it has been for hundreds of years. What the government should be doing is boosting the existing nation of people: educating them about the different categories of people entering the country, placing more emphasis on the British Empire (us in other countries) as a history subject in schools instead of five years of World War II (us being invaded by other countries), cracking down on red tops that are spreading misinformation, and most importantly: taking money out of their overpaid pockets and putting it into public spending initiatives. There's no reason why nurses get paid so little, there's no reason why people can't have a top notch education and be aware of the truth of reality around them, and there's no damn reason why this country has to limit immigrants to this country.

There's no strain on the system that wasn't already there before the immigrants started coming in. They pay taxes, most of them work harder than the average white British person in the dole queue. Let's get our priorities straight please.


Child Beater

Bear out the cheesy beginning, it's worth it. [direct]

Link Dump 29/08/07

  • MACLAIM is a European street art crew. They happened to put out a book of photorealistic graffiti that I found in the library recently. If you're in or around Bristol, the Central Library has it stocked. If you're not in Bristol, I can't recommend this book any stronger - quality images, some breathtaking styles and a comprehensive load of text giving details on technique and the basics of using spraypaint as an artists tool.
  • China's iClone by Dan Koeppel: "The miniOne looked just like Apple's iPhone, down to the slick no-button interface. But it was more. It ran popular mobile software that the iPhone wouldn't. It worked with nearly every worldwide cellphone carrier, not just AT&T, and not only in the U.S. It promised to cost half as much as the iPhone and be available to 10 times as many consumers. The miniOne's first news teases—a forum posting, a few spy shots, a product announcement that vanished after a day—generated a frenzy of interest online. Was it real? When would it go on sale? And most intriguing, could it really be even better than the iPhone?"


Caution: You're in my Shot

Caution: You're in my Shot, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

BoingBoing Redesigns

Welcome to the new Boing. I quite like it, even more so now there are comments. Surprised (and pleased) that you can comment anonymously.


Aggressive! We pay for the service!


Lust, Caution

From Hollywood Reporter:

"Lust" follows a young Chinese woman in Japanese-occupied Shanghai during World War II who becomes the center of a plot to seduce and kill a married enemy collaborator. The trailer for the subtitled Chinese-language film shows lead actors Tony Leung and Tang Wei in various states of writhing passion.

There's no full-frontal male nudity (the source of some NC-17 rulings when shown in sex scenes), but male-on-female oral sex, non-S&M restraints and several nontraditional sexual positions are depicted, conveying the aggression and emotional conflict between the main characters.
Tony Leung, World War II, Shanghai, Ang Lee and hot pounding sex. Tell me, does this get any better? No, it does not. [trailer]

Prophet, Scholar, Friend

Prophet, Scholar, Friend, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


iPhone Unlocked

17 year old George Hotz has unlocked the iPhone (BBC News does the disservice of not linking to his blog, despite it being hosted on Blogger and well equipped to take the strain, but there's a cute interview at the article). All the details are on his blog, takes 2 hours in total, and once he's unlocked 3 more for the people who helped him (he's already traded the original for extra models to do this) he shall do no more because he's off to college this week and has no time.

Even though I barely understand hacking/cracking, I have infinite respect for all the ambition, hours and talent that get put into the scene. There's too much cynicism and negativity around in the world at the moment, so this kind of sociable achievement is 100% refreshing. I hope Apple decide to respond positively to this accomplishment, maybe offer him some kind of goody bag. It would be disheartening to get yet another piracy/copyright infringement/anti-hacker statement going on.

Link Dump 25/08/07

  • Bristol-centric: my local Asda now has a 'police pod': "The pod is a smaller version of a police station front desk. Shoppers will be able to talk to a neighbourhood Police Community Support Officers and report crime or get crime prevention advice."


Richt Prints Now Available

available now, originally uploaded by richt....

£60 doesn't buy you much these days, but it can buy you a Richt print from letthemhang.com. Now there's a chance to own some fine Bristol graphics right there, fuck that Banksy guy.


Happy Birthday Blogger!

In recognition of eight years of Blogger, I present to you my very first blog post dated Sunday April 12th, 2003 (and yes, it was a crappy and worthless series of stuff, but what the hell did I know at 18? Nothing!). That makes for over four years of Blogger love, albeit with a short break for messing around on a custom-built backend that a friend made, and I send my gratitude and appreciation to the Team for keeping everything chugging along.

As long as there is Blogger, here I shall be. There is nothing more stable, or easy, or free.


O Deer

O Deer, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 22/08/07

  • Unmitigated Ferocity by Jeremy Vine: "His fist went into the side of his head, blood came out, another fist, the guy goes down on the carriage floor, and the thug walks off very happy with himself. And I did nothing. The carriage was pretty full. But none of us did anything."


KTF Fleur

KTF Fleur, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

While I claw my face off with camera withdrawal, I am going through my archives - and I know I'm not supposed to love some pictures, but being that I am only partially responsible for a lot of the images I create, I feel OK about gushing a bit of emotion out. This KTF piece is one of them, I'd forgotten I'd even taken this shot. Doing any kind of graf that involves a concentrated amount of black takes talent. Doing it well takes interference from the gods.


8 Foods to eat everyday

- Spinach (or kale/bok choy/romaine lettuce)
- Yoghurt
- Tomato (or watermelon/grapefruit/persimmon)
- Carrot (or sweet potato/mango)
- Blueberries (or purple grapes/raisins/strawberries)
- Black Beans (or kidney beans/peas)
- Walnuts (or almonds/peanuts/hazelnuts/pistachio/almonds)
- Oats (or wild rice)

Condensed version of this list, the options I've defined are the ones I would find easiest to keep in my diet. I think I would score 5/8 overall.

"Luckily I had my camera with me."

California Dreaming is a selection of photos from Henry Diltz. Despite it being a lot of famous faces (most of whom I can't form an opinion), all of the images he has taken over the years are without celebrity weight. Moments of times that no one will ever experience again, and shows how photography has become a different beast in the last ten years. My favorites: Kurt Cobain, David Crosby looking like Jason Lee and a a random gas stop moment.


Link Dump 19/08/07

  • Dildo Society is a simple site containing three things: a gallery of stencils, one short film and one collective reel of various bits of artwork. I'm guessing it's the work of a few people. I enjoyed it.
  • Point and Click games, complete with walkthroughs. Jay is Games is the website that I should have been obsessive over 3 years ago, but never found. Point and Click games are heaven upon heaven, and the main page has all kinds of boredom busting, presumably flash based gaming for you to plough through.
  • Paranoid parents now have stab proof school uniforms available for them to waste their cash on ["One parent, Jo Coleman from Romford, said she was thinking of getting her son's jacket lined with Kevlar. She said: "I think paying £130 is worth it for peace of mind - kids spend more than that just on trainers."] a) it would be better if they spent the money on self-defence classes, and b) kids don't spend that money, parents do. I think this says a lot more about the parents than the state of schools these days.
  • Popjustice interviews Robyn (might go through to a generic index page, just click the big image to the left): "‘Be Mine!’ is the best song on the album so I won’t release it until lots of people know who I am."

Moleskine: pages 98 to 99

Moleskine: pages 98 to 99, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Skins, Series2... Channel 4.... Clowns

"draw a clown" they said..... "we need it now" they said.... so i did.... ruff but had to be done "NOOOOOWWWWW"....

Scar Babies

Junko Mizuno scarification piece. I am jealous, and still intend to get one of her pieces worked into a highly idealistic tattoo in my future.


Balloon - Fiesta 4

Balloon - Fiesta 4, originally uploaded by Lusername.

Another from my favorites, this one is more recent and my current desktop.


Adblocking all of those annoying promo images that people leave in the comments of photos on Flickr to try and whore out their communities. No need for it, especially when they are ANIMATED and UGLY and sometimes HUGE.

Not only will I adblock these images, I will delete the comment and if it persists, ban the user from commenting on my photos in the future. I want to be able to hear thoughts and discussion on my photos, not have someone post some image combined with a pre-made piece of text about how "good" it is and how I should "please add this image" to their community when they don't even bloody favorite it for themselves. I even leave a note in my profile asking people not to do this to my photostream, and if they want me to join a community they should Flickrmail me. When I like someone's photos, I usually visit their profile to see if they have a website or anything else I can follow and I always leave a comment letting them know what I liked and why. When someone doesn't even take the time to act like a human being or see who I am and what I'm about, why should I care about their spammy community?

It makes the usually-awesome Flickr experience so empty and hollow, because really: is a social website for armies of bots spamming impersonal messages to crank up the appearance of popularity? No. It should be about human experiences.


Link Dump 15/08/07

  • The Art of Asbestos - easy to use gallery, some cute/odd street art, worth ten minutes of your time.
  • Head of the Humpback by Timothy Inklebarger: ""How could this be so difficult?" I thought. I had seen video footage of Alaska Natives dismantling whales twice the size of this one with surgical precision in less than a day. But I was no Alaska Native and eventually we realized were in way over our heads."


The Wire - Playing Chess


Probable Cause

Dutch artist Ego Leonard is probably the chap behind the Lego Man. I guess his nationality could justify the bad grammar.

Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem, originally uploaded by weirdoldhattie.

Another favorite from Flickr. Weirdoldhattie is possibly one of my favorite overall people on that site, because he's jolly and often takes his two kids with him when he goes to photograph dirty places (perhaps not this dirty place however, it was a bit grim).



Woohoo! Robyn is number one in the UK. Admittedly not with a song originally on her album, but woohoo nonetheless. This has been a long time coming.


Link Dump 12/08/07

  • YouTube: FLESH - needs a login and is NSFW, but it's a glossy high-res Akira of 9/11. Made my skin crawl, but in a good way.
  • No doubt everyone has read about this by now, but the Dateline mole at Defcon story still makes me laugh and laugh. I can't believe she thought she could walk into a room full of geeks wearing that outfit and think she was still undercover.

No Man Is An Island

Dear the Media,

Banksy is not the only stencil artist in the entire goddamned world. No one deserves the amount of spooge you're jerking off over his name. Educate yourself about the basics of street art, stop caring about hunting down someone who wishes to remain anonymous, and instead of glorifying one artist at the expense of everyone else, start supporting all great street artists worldwide. Because your ignorance is starting to fuck me right off.


Floating in the Green

Floating in the Green, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Gibson Observer Interview

Space to Think by Tim Adams:

"I wonder if Gibson, an inveterate blogger, thinks it possible to have human relationships in cyberspace that are as close as in the real world?

'If they are text-based, I would say yes. I have some friendships conducted almost entirely through email that are very intimate. I think we are getting to the point that a strange kind of relationship would be one where there was no virtual element. We are at that tipping point: how can you be friends with someone who is not online? In a couple of years, we will be no more disturbed by our relationship with virtual worlds than we are by our relationship with broadcast television.'"

Connections (or notes to the TV people)

Knowing that Michael K. Williams is the brother of the almighty Saul Williams, and then reading a description of his character ["For more than ten years, Omar has made his living holding up drug dealers, and staying alive "one day at a time". He is legendary around Baltimore for his characteristic shotgun, trench coat, facial scar, and whistling the "The Farmer in the Dell". He repeatedly demonstrates exceptional skill as both a stick-up man and shooter, further contributing to his feared status as an efficent professional. Once a month, he accompanies his elderly grandmother to church."] is enough to get me running for the first episode of The Wire.

I needed the triggers, I needed the triggers.

Think Again Baby

BBC News picked up the story that 50 cent will quit music if Kanye West's new album outsells his. People, I think we all know what we have to do. In a war between a man that disses reading and a man that calls out the President ON LIVE TV for failing black people, you know who should win.

[ps - check out the alternative video to Can't Tell Me Nothing and the cover art for Graduation - oh hell no bias in this post at all]

Drowned Moth

Drowned Moth, originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Krissh - Sword Demonstration / "I wanna be like Osama!" / Furries in Pittsburgh / Even cats hate FOX news reporters (the first 1 minute is the awesome part) / Wife Swap - Flowers and Sausages / The Simpsons - Hank Scorpio / Weetabix adverts of my childhood / Bruce Lee's screen test for Green Hornet (without big hair, Bruce Lee was eminently fuckable, especially in that suit) / The Best of Ralph Wiggum / Cats being Awesome (including Cat vs Bear extravaganza!) / Assassination by Sword makes the whole JFK thing look pathetic.

Site recommendation via Matt who now owes me 3 hours of my life back. If you're looking for a filter of all the video sharing websites out there, poeTV is your man.

Dancing on the Roof

Dancing on the Roof, originally uploaded by _Christo_.

Like the knautia picture, this is another from my favorites archive, this time taken by my good friend Christo as he was just getting into photography last year.

RZA - On The Ground

Don't fuck with my money, son, don't fuck with my bitch
Don't fuck with my lab and don't fuck with my whip
Don't fuck with my jewels, my weed or my dip
Or I might get the glock, son, and fuck with this clip
Blast off the Remingtons, steel shots got you tremblin'
Runnin' so fast you lost the tree off the Timberland's
Flamed from the heat I squeeze, feel the adrenaline
And we could bust shots like we cowboys and Indian


Link Dump 09/08/07

  • Chinese consumption of milk is growing. As I grow older, I'm very anti-dairy, very pro-soy milk and other alternatives. If you ever get the chance to quit dairy milk and then return to it six months later, you would understand my revulsion. I would never have believed anyone that told me milk could smell greasy, I had to experience it for myself.

Bjork - Innocence

Made by a fan for a competition.


lights, originally uploaded by knautia.

I've run out of oompf for getting out and using my camera recently - the reason for this? I am focusing on the new model I want to pick up at the end of the month! The Panasonic Lumix FZ8 is firmly within my sights, hopefully the one in black, not silver as shown in the link.

I know that I'm not ready to start investing in expensive excellent lenses at the moment (when I do, it will be the Nikon D40x) - it's hard enough carting my laptop across airports and oceans, so an extra bit of technology would weigh me down too much, both in weight and value - so the Panasonic came out as the best option. I've chosen it for the upgrade in features: the extended zoom (this shot needed it, as did plenty of others), the chance to start playing with RAW images, the image stabliser (my current Nikon Coolpix does not have this) and a whole bunch more all bundled into a smaller camera for ease and comfort.

Thanks to Flickr, it was also easy to look at the quality of images other people are creating, and it's predecessor is extremely popular within the community as well. Now I'm just shopping around for the best price, and I'm hoping I'll be able to get one for around £200. Here's hoping.


Lego Man

That's Banksy or a similar "social protest" artist, right? Who else would have the money/time/inclination to stick "No Real Than You Are" on the front of a 2.9 meter toy and send it out to sea? (Lego company has denied all knowledge/see also Lego stencils as a popular street art figure) Damien Hirst, eat your heart out.


Quick Thanks

to Londonist for using one of my photos in a small post recently. See kids, Creative Commons is a good thing! However, it does bring up the fact that Flickr doesn't include a feature where you can see who is linking to your photostream/individual photos, which would be nice. Ego searching, we all do it.

Link Dump 07/08/07

  • Neocons on a Cruise: What Conservatives say when they think we aren't listening, by Johann Hari. These opinions stretch too far across this world, too far.


Origins: File Open Mop: ҒʘӍ ⌦ ⌘Ṃ

This is not a screenshot. This is a piece of graffiti.

Amok66 vs Charlie Chaplin

After spending a year focusing on such a close radius of street art to my home, I'm trying to branch out my knowledge and understanding. I know I want to use this knowledge for something, but I haven't quite worked out what that something is yet. Answers on a postcard or stamp addressed envelope to the usual address...


Link Dump 05/08/07

  • I'm getting a crush on Blu, who may or may not be painting in Bristol soon. Found via Wooster, he is extremely articulate. This being a recent discovery of mine, I need to click around a bit more, find out some more information about his work.
  • Zelazela, another talented illustrator. She has a very simple, flash based website that is quite easy to navigate. Can't say more than that.
  • Drawn: A Gentleman's Duel. On an illustration/art kick thanks to this site, it has the best of the best.

Customer Abuse

Customer Complaints by Sean Coughlan:

"Call-centre staff may not face the same risk of physical violence, but they do face the corrosive impact of continued verbal abuse. This can have serious implications, causing 'emotional exhaustion, stress, making people want to quit their jobs', says Catherine Sprigg at the University of Sheffield's Institute of Work Psychology. 'These are often young people, they're scared to put down the phone or tell callers they won't be sworn at.'"
100% correct. There is nothing more degrading than the way some people speak to call centre workers. It chills me down to my bones sometimes, and it's taken me two years to enable the mute button and make sure I laugh at their increasing, irrational anger instead of taking it personally. Because we do take it personally, we're human beings, and this culture that allows people to behave the way they do to people that work in customer service is disgusting.


Moleskine: Page 90 to 91

Moleskine: Page 90 to 91, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


CCTV of Minneapolis Bridge Collapse

Whoa. I mean, just whoa. :-|


Spook Country, P.77

"If Brown had declared the Queen of England to be a shape-shifting alien reptile, craving the warm flesh of human infants, Milgram would not have argued."

I'm taking my time, this is just too much excellence to rush.


Flying Standards

British Airways is the worst performing airline in Europe, which comes as no surprise. I've flown a few times with them in the last year, and although they didn't lose my luggage, one flight left an hour and a half late (causing me to have to run through San Francisco airport, with my dodgy leg, dragging a heavy suitcase and a laptop bag behind me with ten minutes to spare before my connecting flight left), and their customer service sucks. Disinterested and cold on the plane, harried and uninformative off the plane; and they didn't think to serve enough liquid options during a 10 hour flight. Hated every second of being on their planes, and I will not be using them again.

On the other hand, Alaska Airlines is one of the best. Super nice people, super efficient, and even when their flights are full it's a comfortable experience. And their logo kicks ass too.