Adblocking all of those annoying promo images that people leave in the comments of photos on Flickr to try and whore out their communities. No need for it, especially when they are ANIMATED and UGLY and sometimes HUGE.

Not only will I adblock these images, I will delete the comment and if it persists, ban the user from commenting on my photos in the future. I want to be able to hear thoughts and discussion on my photos, not have someone post some image combined with a pre-made piece of text about how "good" it is and how I should "please add this image" to their community when they don't even bloody favorite it for themselves. I even leave a note in my profile asking people not to do this to my photostream, and if they want me to join a community they should Flickrmail me. When I like someone's photos, I usually visit their profile to see if they have a website or anything else I can follow and I always leave a comment letting them know what I liked and why. When someone doesn't even take the time to act like a human being or see who I am and what I'm about, why should I care about their spammy community?

It makes the usually-awesome Flickr experience so empty and hollow, because really: is a social website for armies of bots spamming impersonal messages to crank up the appearance of popularity? No. It should be about human experiences.