Customer Abuse

Customer Complaints by Sean Coughlan:

"Call-centre staff may not face the same risk of physical violence, but they do face the corrosive impact of continued verbal abuse. This can have serious implications, causing 'emotional exhaustion, stress, making people want to quit their jobs', says Catherine Sprigg at the University of Sheffield's Institute of Work Psychology. 'These are often young people, they're scared to put down the phone or tell callers they won't be sworn at.'"
100% correct. There is nothing more degrading than the way some people speak to call centre workers. It chills me down to my bones sometimes, and it's taken me two years to enable the mute button and make sure I laugh at their increasing, irrational anger instead of taking it personally. Because we do take it personally, we're human beings, and this culture that allows people to behave the way they do to people that work in customer service is disgusting.