Burning as we speak

Today I bought my first download album, in fact, the first album I've bought since Robyn and The Smashing Pumpkins released music actually worth pre-ordering and playing until my ears leaked tinny pop. Radiohead - In Rainbows. I chose to pay £5, because I didn't know exactly what I was getting but I didn't want to download it for free, and as it turns out it's 40 minutes of music, so with the 45p handling fee I felt like I've paid a good price. Some people are paying more. Maybe some people are paying less. But people are listening - last.fm are listing just under 9000 people having listened to the first track. It only became available for download today.

Radiohead have done damn good thing (even if they're not the first, they're the most important), and I want all bands to go this way: make your own shops, sell your own music, sell your own t-shirts, escape those damn dusty old record companies that steal your money and devalue your music and be free.

Enjoying the album (I'm no music critic, so I'll leave it to others to hear what they hear and talk about that), so I might pick up a t-shirt at some point in the future and give them some more of my cash. Dan made a really interesting post yesterday that you should read, and helped sway me over to spending my money. And I'll do it again if another band that I like release their music in the same way. Reznor, I'm looking your way, especially in regards to the new Saul Williams album you're responsible for.