Link Dump 12/11/07

  • I hate to do this, because it's not going to help it stay online BUT: someone has split Wong Kar Wai's Chungking Express up into 11 pieces and uploaded it to Youtube. Part 1 is here, and you can easily find the rest of the pieces from there.
  • Deleted Thread, a quick and dirty blog linking to the deleted threads of Metafilter, along with reasoning from the admin. Not endorsed by them I bet, but not much community driven things are particularly frowned on over there.
  • Ink and Thunder is artist Becky Cloonan's blog. I know I am late to the party when it comes to the comic book world (even though hello? I am only 23!?) but I'm exploring and reading as much as I can now that I've got my toes wet.
  • Hooray! Hitotoki London is now open to submissions. One of these days I'll live in a major city that can warrant this kind of website, but until then, London will do. Who doesn't have stories about London?