Nine Inch Nails: Zero-Sum

shame on us/doomed from the start/may god have mercy/on our dirty little hearts
shame on us/for all we have done/and all we ever were/just zeros and ones

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Pitch Yours

Pitch Yours, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 28/02/08

  • Michael Faber reviews Alan Moore/Melinda Gebbie's Lost Girls: "15-year-old Dorothy, convinced she will die as her house is buffeted by a tornado, decides that she can "do what the heck I liked", and frigs herself to a climax that's surreally mingled with the twister's impact. Post-orgasm, Dorothy's world looks forever changed, an Oz of rainbow sexuality,"


  • NSFW: Wired have a slideshow of some new and really fucked up pictures of Abu Ghraib. (*edit* EXTREME WARNING FOR THE SECOND PICTURE) Some of these have been seen before, but it begs the questions -when is this going to end? What have our governments done? Who the fuck are these "soldiers"?[via]


Not By

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Over Your Shoulder

Over Your Shoulder, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Shake Shake Shake

Shake Shake Shake, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Reading Material 21/02/08

Reading Material 21/02/08, originally uploaded by _saturnine.



Spiky!, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 19/02/08

  • I never have any time to read Slashdot, it's not really a great site for speed browsing, and then it just clutters my RSS feeds making me feel guilty. Enter Alterslash, not only condensing titles, but the comments! Win! Although, apparently not popular with the original Slashdot guys. [via somewhere here]
  • PingMag: The Ghetto (building converted to a skate/graffiti paradise in Japan's Shin-Okubo: "Graffiti is like a tattoo the city gives itself. It is up to the city to decide what direction it will take…") and a profile of artist Mari Kubota, who reminds me of my favorite artist Junko Mizuno only a bit more ethereal. Less stimulants, more hallucogenics.
  • WhoKilledBambi? profiles the artist Milk (not the Bristol artist, she's based in Arizona). I hate MySpace for anything but music (and even then, 99% of profiles are hideous to navigate and load), I'm hoping she has a website or a Flickr somewhere - or at least upcoming.

St Vibiana's Cathedral Rectory

St Vibiana's Cathedral Rectory, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Obama: Just Words?

Don't tell me words don't matter. [via]

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Los Angeles has a Jesus Complex


Little Man, Little Tokyo

Little Man, Little Tokyo, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Dracula vs Betty Boop

Bela Lugosi meets Mae Questal in this excerpt from "Hollywood On Parade" (1933)

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Ludwig, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 13/02/08

  • Porcelain soda cans by Lei Xue. Unfortunately, I can't find a website for more information about him/her, but this work is stunning.
  • Urban Legend ER, more original comedy from CollegeHumor. FYI - I link to videos through poeTV a lot because the comments make me laugh, and they're the best filter for videos. I can spend hours on that site.
  • And last night I fell in love with Faux Real, a feminist blog of sorts.

Get Right Up There

Get Right Up There, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Girls Rock!

Heehee, I would have loved this when I was younger:

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sun hits the left side

sun hits the left side, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Link Dump 12/02/08

  • YouTube: Through the Dragon's Eye. Episode 1 of the best ever children's school programming by the BBC. My teachers showed this series to us when I was about 8/9 years old, and we loved it so much.
  • You know there's a problem when Holy Moly takes a stand against the paparazzi and are refusing to show photos of car chases, celebrities with their children, people in distress or not "on duty": "let's face it, when one of the biggest names in paparazzi jacks it in due to ethics and morals and the world's biggest popstar gets her knickers photographed by 30 people an hour after being released from a mental institute, you know there's a problem on the shop floor." They're not, however, counting those celebrities that actively court the paparazzi and inform them as to where they'll be eating etc etc.


Anonymous in Seattle

We are Anonymous, originally uploaded by theeddyadams.

Anonymous in Washington DC

Anon-Protest: Washington DC 006, originally uploaded by adegen.

Anonymous in Vancouver

02102008_132141_01, originally uploaded by ArghMonkey.

Anonymous in Los Angeles

Anonymous February 10th Press Release

Actions speak louder than words. We stand as one!

Anonymous in Birmingham

Exploding Hubbard, originally uploaded by sharl.

Anonymous in Minneapolis

Anonymous in Melbourne

IMG_0389, originally uploaded by voightkampff.

Anonymous in Sydney

Scientology Sydney Protest, originally uploaded by scientologylulz.

The people of Sydney really turned out. See also: Vic Tan's pictures.

Anonymous in Manchester

enturbulate, originally uploaded by anonymousBYdesign.

Anonymous in Dublin

If you want to make money..., originally uploaded by Cian Ginty.

Anonymous in Amsterdam

Anonymous in Brussels

Sci1002013, originally uploaded by Fragrag.

Anonymous in London

0055, originally uploaded by nic0.

Anonymous in Adelaide

So proud of you internet.


Walked into a Church

Walked into a Church, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Ten OTHER Things Martin Luther King Said

Holy shit at number 7. I feel educated this morning.

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Democracy, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


A Little (sick)Boy

A Little (sick)Boy, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Monster.com Advert

The Four Princes

The Four Princes, originally uploaded by _saturnine.


Link Dump 05/02/08

  • Polanoid: "We are building the biggest Polaroid-picture-collection of the planet to celebrate the magic of instant photography. So please seach your archives and attics and reactivate your Instant Cameras. This is the slamming comeback of Instant Photo Fun." [extra bonus happy fun: stuartwoodman on Flickr]
  • Flickr: Detroit is beautiful, any asshole with a camera can take amazing pictures. I feel that way about Bristol sometimes, when you lump age, decay and strong human nature together, great photography is like breathing.

Super Tuesday

Super Tuesday, originally uploaded by _saturnine.

Watching the results roll in through CNN and Twitter and NPR.


Inside the Exhibition

Nick Walker's exhibition at Los Angeles' Carmichael Gallery opened on Saturday. I'll save my thoughts for another time and let his work speak for itself!

Love Vandalism (detail: drips on the A)Hooray for Hollywood
DeplanedMt. Tabloid
Englishmen in RainEnglish Summer

You can see a few more pictures over at Flickr. One thing I've noticed is that La Brea Avenue is a haven for street art. Lots of modern arty galleries, stickered parking meters and paste ups. I'll be going back there in the future!

Carmichael Gallery: Nick Walker Exterior


Los Angeles: Nick Walker's Moona Lisa

The best thing I saw today.

Britney Spears - Piece of Me

I'm off to Los Angeles in a little while to see the Takeshi Murakami exhibition before it closes. And of course it's raining. In celebration of a day in LA, I bring you Britney Spears:

The official version has disabled embedding. So the above video is fan made - and actually more apt.


San Francisco/Chinatown Trucks

SF Chinatown Trucks (1)
SF Chinatown Trucks (2)
SF Chinatown Trucks (3)

February 10th

Be very wary.

1330 4th Ave San Diego, CA 92101 (619) 239-2091
146 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4BY (0207) 246-2700


Link Dump 01/02/08

  • Did you know that Kanye West has a blog? And it's actually a pretty decent blog, not oversaturated in selfpromotion? Mostly pictures and minimal commentary. You know deep down he's really an internet geek. [Example: "This baby carriage is not covered with diamonds or any other precious metal but is just equipped with rear changing table, so the $14,899 price tag is not justified."]

Put on a Happy Face

Put on a Happy Face, originally uploaded by _saturnine.