Link Dump 12/02/08

  • YouTube: Through the Dragon's Eye. Episode 1 of the best ever children's school programming by the BBC. My teachers showed this series to us when I was about 8/9 years old, and we loved it so much.
  • You know there's a problem when Holy Moly takes a stand against the paparazzi and are refusing to show photos of car chases, celebrities with their children, people in distress or not "on duty": "let's face it, when one of the biggest names in paparazzi jacks it in due to ethics and morals and the world's biggest popstar gets her knickers photographed by 30 people an hour after being released from a mental institute, you know there's a problem on the shop floor." They're not, however, counting those celebrities that actively court the paparazzi and inform them as to where they'll be eating etc etc.