Link Dump 19/02/08

  • I never have any time to read Slashdot, it's not really a great site for speed browsing, and then it just clutters my RSS feeds making me feel guilty. Enter Alterslash, not only condensing titles, but the comments! Win! Although, apparently not popular with the original Slashdot guys. [via somewhere here]
  • PingMag: The Ghetto (building converted to a skate/graffiti paradise in Japan's Shin-Okubo: "Graffiti is like a tattoo the city gives itself. It is up to the city to decide what direction it will take…") and a profile of artist Mari Kubota, who reminds me of my favorite artist Junko Mizuno only a bit more ethereal. Less stimulants, more hallucogenics.
  • WhoKilledBambi? profiles the artist Milk (not the Bristol artist, she's based in Arizona). I hate MySpace for anything but music (and even then, 99% of profiles are hideous to navigate and load), I'm hoping she has a website or a Flickr somewhere - or at least upcoming.