Sacred NK

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No Gods, No Masters

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Up Here, but not for long

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Oh, OKhey.

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BookHopper is an international site for people who want to swap books. After registering, you list the books you want to swap (searching via title, author or ISBN), and wait for people to request them. When they do, you receive an email with their address (not a service for the internet paranoid, I guess) and a direct email for contact if needed, and then you send on the book at your own cost through the post.

In return, you get to take a certain amount of books for yourself - for every 10 books you list, you can take 1 book every 3 weeks/for every 20 you can take 1 every 2 weeks/for 30 or above you can take 1 every week. It's working surprisingly well for me, I'm sending out my second book tomorrow and one new one is winging it's way towards me at the moment (topic: samurai and cowboys!). There's absolutely loads of Terry Pratchett available, including my copy of Thud!, so I'll hopefully get around to reading more of his work in the next 6 months.

And because it's international, once I become one of those American Immigrants and start collecting too many paperbacks there, I'll re-register to the American side and start swapping again (despite it being a world service, swapping is kept local to save expensive shipping rates/impact on the environment). I don't mind paying for postage, it's a hell of a lot easier and human than carting boxes of books to a charity shop/used book shop to be given to strangers. Doing it this way makes me feel like I'm sending my babies to people who will care for them + getting free books in return! Yay internet!

Link Dump 25/03/08

  • ModBlog: White Ink on Dark Skin is stunning stuff. The first time I've seen a tattoo on dark skin that worked 100x better than on white skin.
  • YouTube: Alec Empire - New World Order. I managed to catch him when he was touring the UK for this album, and I can say this much: I support any apocalyptic city beaming Alec Empire's face onto buildings. Good video too.

It is OK if you're gay


The Warning

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Broken Skateboard (chucked in the gutter)


Anyone stupid enough to get near me dies!

Bagman - French and NSFW

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Link Dump 17/03/08

Video extravaganza today:

Elephants (and other assorted animals) love Canadian snow! | Childproof Drawer | Out of Control Windmill | Fred Durst's demo video, circa 1989 | Dragonball Z's voice actors ("one time i passed out in the booth") | Death Metal Dog | Crowd helps out Autistic Man with National Anthem (I swear, it's more moving than you think) | Odd/interesting Japanese Matrix-Puppet-Stage performance | Purring Cheetah (aaaw)

Doomsday Paw

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Here Then

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I'm Listening

The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund have posted the video below to YouTube. It's a leaked speech by Oklahoma's House Representative Sally Kern at a private party/gathering talking about how the gay agenda is destroying America and poses a greater threat than Islam (?) or terrorism. Her ignorance and hate speech is appalling.

She needs to be removed from any kind of placement in society where she has influence over others. She can hold those opinions somewhere else. And that needs to be done now, because she is showing no remorse for her actions.

[via here and here]

Graff City

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Atari Teenage Riot

Revolution Action (banned version):

[direct link]

Berlin Riot circa 1999:

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Said the Shotgun to the Head

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Link Dump 14/03/08


Hello: Zesk

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Gala Bingo

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Magic & Ponk

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Saul Williams vs Afro Samurai

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Montana Gold

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Intelligent Design

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Old Age is Fiction

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If You Lose It, The System is Broken

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Mr Fix It: Audio/Video

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Almost-There Sandbenders

Striking up another win for William Gibson's freaky ability to influence/predict the future. From The Guardian:

"Instead of shiny plastic it was encased in laminated bamboo strips. The result, said its Taiwanese makers, Asus, was "both aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment". The Eco Book was the answer, they said, to the growing concern about the use of plastics.

"Bamboo is the most sustainable raw material there is," said Jellent Sun, a senior director. "It grows very fast and therefore we decided to combine bamboo with metal, and leave out the plastic." The resulting laptop is due to go into production in June.
There are plenty of pictures to browse. It looks stunning. I would love one, Asus are breaking good ground in the laptop market.

If you're not familiar: basically, in Idoru (from the Bridge trilogy of Virtual Light/Idoru/All Tomorrow's Parties) Gibson defined a Sandbender as a computer system made from recycled parts:
"I like your computer," she said. "It looks like it was made by Indians or something."
Chia looked down at her sandbenders. Turned off the red switch. "Coral," she said. "These are turquoise. The ones that look like ivory are the inside of a kind of nut. Renewable."
"The rest is silver?"
"Aluminum," Chia said. "They melt old cans they dig up on the beach cast it in sand molds. These panels are micarta. That's linen with this resin in it."
[quote via]
Wired still have a portion of Idoru online if you've not read it yet. It's my favorite book, I think everyone should.



Just caught Teletext using the LOLcat meme in a new bunch of adverts. This is probably old because I just got back to the country, but all the same:

I like the second one, good jorb Teletext. But you get no linking because it's already in the video.

Link Dump 07/03/08

  • FanEdit.org: "FANEDITS are a new take on existing movie material. Anything can be changed, improved, restructured for a different watching experience and only the sky is the limit. You need to own the original DVDs to legally watch them. Here you will find the biggest worldwide collection of fanmade versions of movies you all know so well, but not that way."



Back in the UK for now - plenty of pictures left to upload/post from the last two months!


Hot Topics

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Panning from the Car

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What I Did Today

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Drove around Joshua Tree National Park, part of the Mojave Desert. It was actually insanely windy, the kind of wind that cuts right into you, by far the most hardcore wind I've experienced so far in my little life.