Almost-There Sandbenders

Striking up another win for William Gibson's freaky ability to influence/predict the future. From The Guardian:

"Instead of shiny plastic it was encased in laminated bamboo strips. The result, said its Taiwanese makers, Asus, was "both aesthetically pleasing and good for the environment". The Eco Book was the answer, they said, to the growing concern about the use of plastics.

"Bamboo is the most sustainable raw material there is," said Jellent Sun, a senior director. "It grows very fast and therefore we decided to combine bamboo with metal, and leave out the plastic." The resulting laptop is due to go into production in June.
There are plenty of pictures to browse. It looks stunning. I would love one, Asus are breaking good ground in the laptop market.

If you're not familiar: basically, in Idoru (from the Bridge trilogy of Virtual Light/Idoru/All Tomorrow's Parties) Gibson defined a Sandbender as a computer system made from recycled parts:
"I like your computer," she said. "It looks like it was made by Indians or something."
Chia looked down at her sandbenders. Turned off the red switch. "Coral," she said. "These are turquoise. The ones that look like ivory are the inside of a kind of nut. Renewable."
"The rest is silver?"
"Aluminum," Chia said. "They melt old cans they dig up on the beach cast it in sand molds. These panels are micarta. That's linen with this resin in it."
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Wired still have a portion of Idoru online if you've not read it yet. It's my favorite book, I think everyone should.