Link Dump 1/4/08

  • In the name of Dov by Claire Salinda, a defence of American Apparel's advertising: "Naturally, I was waiting for the situation to turn into the opening scene from any basic porn flick, but Dov just offered me a Coke from his office fridge. I immediately began to dismiss the nasty rumors about him. He seemed just like any other dude who loves soda and hot girls, except he created the perfect T-shirt and he likes sex ... a lot. Which, really, what normal guy doesn't?"
  • The Polish Federation are finally calling out the Daily Mail for defamation against Polish residents of the UK: "Jan Mokrzycki, who chairs the FPGB, told Polish media: 'It was the headlines which were the most offensive, using emotive anti-Polish language. Poles seem to be unable to please the Daily Mail, whatever they do'"