Link Dump 21/4/08

  • What will life be like in the year 2008?: "The housewife simply determines in advance her menus for the week, then slips prepackaged meals into the freezer and lets the automatic food utility do the rest. At preset times, each meal slides into the microwave oven and is cooked or thawed. The meal then is served on disposable plastic plates. These plates, as well as knives, forks and spoons of the same material, are so inexpensive they can be discarded after use." [via]
  • Anyone here been abused and wear a size 10?: "What these women looked like bore absolutely no relevance to the story, but even so I knew they had to be 'photogenic'. I thought I had done well, until I was told that I really shouldn't have included a size 14 in the group. Size 10 was the maximum."
  • Francois Dubeau (somewhat NSFW after clicking around) paints complex simplicity.
  • How children reacted to Mark Speight's death: "Heather, 12, from Dublin, wrote that she was shocked at the news: 'Oh no, not Mark! I loved him, he was the best! He seemed so happy. I'm so upset.' But plenty of adults managed to behave appallingly: "Parents were angry that a children's show should report the death at all and complained that it was "sick and appalling", according to the Daily Mail."