• Football Stadium fire - I started laughing, thinking it would be a little fire that gave an excuse for the fans to go a bit nuts on the pitch and have a laugh and generally bring the LOLs. And very quickly became extremely horrified, watching the police doing their best to drag people on fire out of harms way. The fire spreads really quickly, and within 10 minutes the whole stand is on fire. 56 people died/450+ people injured - it was caused by someone dropping a match near a polysterene cup - most of the casualties coming from the stadium having locked exits.
  • Also interesting to note from the wikipedia entry is that this footage has been repeatedly removed from the internet because it's such a taboo subject. Why is this a good thing? Why aren't we allowed to see and learn about what happened? I'd never heard of this before. It would make so many people think twice about dropping lit matches/cigarettes on the floor.