Jared Williams - Blackface

"As a Black artist I am compelled to consider racial identity and perception. Now more than ever, it is necessary to reflect on our own lives and understand what conditions have shaped who we are. I am interested in W.E.B. Dubois' double consciousness. Navigating the void between the nigger and myself, how people see me versus how I see myself. I use the term nigger only as a means of describing the problematic portrayal of the African American that is created by our society. Through the careful examination of the alienation and conditioning of the Black community, I hope to create a personalized response communicating my distain for the continuing oppression of Black people."
[disclaimer: I uncensored the word nigger because despite being white, I am not ashamed or afraid to use the word correctly and in context. I do not need to ask why white people aren't "allowed" to use this word. I'm not stupid enough to mishandle the weapon. I know better.]