Link Dump 11/06/08

  • MP3 Amp [via] reminds me of when I was 14 and in a "band" and everyone wanted one of those tiny tiny portable amps you could buy in the guitar shops.
  • Matt Haughey talks about how he uses etsy: "I want my daughter to live a life beyond the world of pink Disney princess stuff that most kids get and Etsy is the perfect venue for that." I am a massive etsy fan, but have yet to buy anything, probably because it's all luxury non-necessity items. I'll get around to it after I move, it's the perfect resource for original art/home items.
  • Women in Photography: "There are more women working in the contemporary photo world then ever before. Their methods, choice of subject matter, visual language, and processes run the gamut of artistic possibility. What unites them is their passion and the effort they devote to creating extraordinary bodies of work. Women in Photography is a showcase for this work."