Font Freak Fanzine

Got a little bit more than a fiver? Paypal account? Like a bit of Bristol (street)art? I know what you need. You need 45rpm's Font Freak Fanzine. He's selling them on etsy, and says:

"Fanzine for lovers of the letters, nice pieces, drippy tags and all things font based. First Issue features Nylon, Airforce, Janoe, Ponk, Gumbo, Sewell, Flor, Raek, Paris Eko, Richt, CT, Babou, Kyte, Oath, 1981 Scheme, Ekon, Sums, Kaione, 1659, 45rpm obese. I've just finished her and she is a beaut.

Fanzine comes bagged with four postcards (Paris, 45rpm,ponk and fanzine cover) and four stickers. Cost includes first class postage. 58 pages in black and white..."

And the best thing is that he made a ton! There are 89 left. Grab a little piece of art for your eyes, and a pure chunk of Bristolian street art for your soul.