Link Dump 30/07/08

  • Design Sponge: Elevating the Mundane. Who thought sticking leftover rolls of wallpaper on your stairs could be so interesting?
  • Dan Kennedy looks at an issue that has been bothering me since I started accessing sites like Ogrish (now called Liveleak) and Rotten (both very NSFW): the censorship of graphic Iraq war photos. If you're one of those people that think anything near reality comes through your television screen (especially in the US, but also in the UK) when the news rolls in, you're being lied to. It is disturbing how the Western world continually demands to be sheltered from realities of the wars and death that we create, and will only accept sanitised bloodless Hollywood deaths as a compromise. This is why the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, Darfur, Burma, Zimbabwe and beyond continue to suffer every day. You are a part of this, and you should be demanding the truth or seeking it out yourself. If you don't want to see the effects of a suicide bombing, ask yourself: what about the people who have no choice in the matter?
OK, less intensity, more links.