Good Luck Louisiana

Good luck Louisiana. Let's hope history does not repeat itself. And vote Obama, because you know we can't trust McCain to deal with a situation like this in the future.


"City officials could order a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans starting early on Sunday if Hurricane Gustav holds to its current course."


love/door/all you need

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Bring out your disenfranchised Clinton supporters! [CLANG]
Bring out your disenfranchised Clinton supporters! [CLANG]
Bring out your disenfranchised Clinton supporters! [CLANG]

- Mefi poster jim in austin on the Sarah Palin VP announcement.


Cat House on the Kings

700 cats. No kill policy. All available for adoption. Giant bowls of cat biscuits. Trees. Puppies. Kittens. Cat House on the Kings. via


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Ain't Nothing to Fuck With



I'm Screwed

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Link Dump 24/08/08

I Love The Woods by Cheo

egghead.... bode stylee, originally uploaded by CHEO_BRISTOL.

Cheo makes a comic. And it's bloody brilliant. He really needs to do kids books and kids toys and comics professionally. If there's a publisher out there, get in contact with him.


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San Francisco, CA

"If you’re American, you may not understand the curious institution we Britishers call bank holidays. Because of a general agreement that UK weather is so hideous that it’s not worth going outside except during the third week of June, instead families and friends choose to holiday inside their favourite bank for a long weekend. Lloyds TSB is famed for its indoor beaches, while Halifax really does excel at pony trekking tours of the vaults. In the evenings, we all drink tea and discuss the decline of the gold standard."

- Alec Meyer of Rock, Paper, Scissors


Who is Joe Biden?

ABC news profiles Joe Biden.

Obama Text Message Announcing Biden as his VP


"Mark Scott-Crossley was given life by Phalaborwa Circuit Court in the Limpopo province in 2005 for assaulting former employee Nelson Chisale and then throwing him to a pack of lions. Little more than Chisale's skull, shards of bone and a finger were found at an enclosure for rare white lions. In September last year, the Supreme Court of Appeal set aside Scott-Crossley's murder conviction and gave him a five-year sentence after finding that the prosecution had not proved that Chisale was alive when he was thrown to the lions."


Warhammer vs Wrath of the Lich King trailer

OH GOD I ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE. Did make me realise that Blizzard's cinematic trailers are the best in the business and that we are waaaay overdue for the World of Warcraft film. There's an unofficial fan site covering news, but the latest update was in April. That sucks.

green is the magic colour

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SF Chinatown


'...recent happenings in Krugersdorp, South Africa, where a sword-wielding schoolboy killed 16-year-old Jacques Pretorius. Another pupil and two gardeners were also treated for stab wounds. As the attacker stalked through Nic Diederichs Technical High School, he was, according to reports, dressed in an outfit recalling Slipknot's Jordison – particularly the drummer's eerie mask.

18-year-old Morne Harmse is now in custody pending a court appearance later this month.

Pierre Eksteen, who directs a South African student support network, was among those holding "satanic music" partially responsible for the attack. "He came here camouflaged as the guy from Slipknot," Eksteen told the Times (in South Africa). "We know the wrong kind of music and drugs have bad effects. Young people need to be informed of the effects of bad Satanic music."'

Slipknot blamed for inspiring school murder


SF Chinatown Phonebox

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you're rubbish and broken

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  • I am running a lot of photography based blogs through my RSS feed reader right now, and I just wanted to give a quick mention to short sleep, which is possibly the best filter/ongoing collection of photography and other related images I've found yet. Possibly because most of them (which tend to be portraits) are taken from Flickr and occasionally Deviant Art, which makes it easier than most other websites to click through and explore the other works by the original artist. But I think the person behind it just has great instinct. All I know is that he's from Japan, and has another blog here. I'm not sure what the difference is between the two.


Laurence Fishburne joining "CSI" cast.

[Reuters] [more details]


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"A survey of 249 primary and secondary school teachers suggested 84.6% had CCTV in their school. The research, conducted by the Association of Teachers and Lecturers, also suggested more than half (52.9%) said it made them feel safer. But 23.4% were concerned there may be hidden cameras whose existence was kept from both staff and pupils."

[BBC News]


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W. Vincent & Company

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GZA, RZA and Bill Murray : Coffee & Cigarettes...

"Don't swallow Bill Murray."

[direct link]


Black Dragon

You might recognise the main character as being Xin the Urban Ninja. Oh how this needs to be a real film.



The Red Arrows @Bristol Balloon Fiesta 2008

Red Arrows/Bristol Balloon Fiesta/10.08.2008

Red Arrows/Bristol Balloon Fiesta/10.08.2008

Red Arrows/Bristol Balloon Fiesta/10.08.2008Red Arrows/Bristol Balloon Fiesta/10.08.2008Red Arrows/Bristol Balloon Fiesta/10.08.2008


Redcliffe Hill

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"I think this President has shown a remarkable disrespect for his office, for the moral dimensions of leadership, for his friends, for his wife, for his precious daughter. It is breathtaking to me the level to which that disrespect has risen"

- John Edwards, on Bill Clinton, 1999.


Yew Trees/Churches

Old Romney church and yew tree, originally uploaded by Inky Bob.

"There has been much heated discussion and many opinions expressed as to why the Yew is so often found in churchyards. Some say it is the deep-dark green, almost eerie and shady presence of the tree. Other say because it is the tree of death, due to its poisonous chemistry, or that it was put in churchyards, where it would not be accessible to life-stock to grow wood for longbows.

Christian scholars have associated it with Christ as 'the tree of the cross' or with the theme of resurrection. However, the evidence is now overwhelming that the Yew was the archetype of "The Tree of Life" to people all over Europe eons before Christ was born.

A tree of the Yew family (which is itself at least 200 million years old) is the one living creature who, 'barring acts of God or man', is biologically able to live indefinitely: forever!"

- British Trees: The Yew.


Messiah Remix goes OFF!!!

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Froomsgate to Trafalgar

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It's a Gas

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three things are never satisfied


"Kimchi is widely regarded among nutritionists as one of the healthiest foods on the planet, full of helpful vitamins and bacteria that promotes digestion. Among Koreans, it is regarded as a manbyongtongchiyak—a kind of miracle cure—that will help make you strong, prevent cancer and generally give you a garlicky glow, something like a halo, of kimchi-fueled health."

- on Kimchi by Joel McConvey. He has a whole bunch of articles on Korean food, which I am going read right now. And then cry, because I have no access to such a thing for months and months.


Fuck Capitalism

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Nothing for All

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