Graffle = This Weekend

Just a quickie to remind everyone out there that Graffle 2008 will be drawing the winners on Friday night. That gives you less than 48 hours to buy a ticket (£10, they take Paypal - and there are physical ticket outlets if needs be), and have a chance at winning some seriously lovely artwork by some damn good artists (including: Sickboy, Nick Walker, Dolk, Eelus, Ghostboy, Jef Aerosol). Some of the donated art is too big to raffle, so there's an auction going on RIGHT NOW, that ends at midnight Friday.
Why should you buy a ticket if you don't like the art? Because absolutely no one is taking money home for this. Because that money is going straight into the hands of charities that help kids get through life. And what else are you going to spend a tenner on this Friday night?