Tous les gens normaux sont dans des hopitaux

"'Tous les gens normaux sont dans des hopitaux,' sang a crazy man in ragged grey pants held up with a string around the waist as I got into my car after a visit to the doctor. He was singing at the top of his lungs and shaking his head left to right like a reggae star. I silently prayed he would not notice me for some wandering crazies are magnetically attracted to whites. But this poor unwashed stick of a man was happy in his own world. All the normal people are in hospitals. 'He likes to speak in rhymes,' commented the parking boy who had looked after my car. 'His mind is gone but he is not dangerous.' I handed him 50 cent. 'May God bless you,' he said as I drove off."

West Africa Wins Always is a blog by a white journalist called Pauline, who lives and works on the Ivory Coast. I love it. I think you will too.