Exotic Locations

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"the violent flow of rough hoarse"

- English translation of Japanese hiphop artist Anarchy's tower.jp page.



Because it's the only legal way to cancel out your batshit insane neighbours.

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Brrrand New

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London, UK

"I can't stand Sarah Palin. I bet a woman like that has no sense of humour."

- Grace Jones, talking to German magazine TV Spielfilm. [via]


Let's Discuss Our Debts

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Shepard Fairey on stuff

Since he blew up via the Obama campaign, there have been way too many armchair critics of his work. Fact is, this guy is epic. The sheer amount of work that he's put out over the last 20 odd years is tremendous. It's well made, well distributed and visible.

Obey Paste UpOBEYObey the Giant

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Not yours. Mine.

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Link Dump 25/10/08

  • Dictionary reading, something I used to do as a kid. Words are fun. Especially the dirty ones.

Wassup 2008

I laughed. I cried (a little bit). Come on America, not long to go. Keep moving forward, ignore the haters.

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A quick note on being an Obama supporter (even though I can't vote)

In a society that worships alcohol, puts Paris Hilton upon a pedestal (to her credit, but not to ours), where white is right and anyone else is an outsider, where wealth is measured by square footage and shiny technology, and divorce rates are high, it's not really surprising that Obama has developed a fanbase that rabidly admires his personality/lifestyle because not everyone subscribes to what's consistently offered through the media. What is surprising is that there are attempts to whittle it down to false idolatry, as if there's no substance behind the man.

As tacky as the campaign slogan of "change" now sounds, Obama represents something different to popculture whilst simultaneously becoming popculture. His wife is smart, their marriage is strong. His kids are forthright and intelligent. While he might dodge the subject for fear of upsetting the right, he's not homophobic, and he's pro-choice. His family, as varied as it is, looks more like all of our families (white, black, Asian, immigrant, interracial) than any other person in the public eye. He has a good natured and patient personality in front of cameras, and has weathered an unbelieveable storm of bullshit from both Clinton and the McCain campaign.

I have never had a role model, someone I thought I could look up to in my life. All my inspirations have been flawed (and usually end up to have some secret alcoholism), and while I don't think Obama is the next messiah*, he represents far better values than anything else that's available to me, my generation and the kids we may or may not bring into this world. I don't want this trend of negative behaviour to prevail over diplomacy. And I wouldn't mind a better America - it makes for a better world.

*He fucks up. The Joe the Plumber plant was badly handled, Obama could have done much better. And the next four years are going to be hard as hell, and no one is going to like him very much while he undoes the mess the GOP created. He's a pussy on the issue of gay marriage, and I hate his pro-Israel stance. You have to make compromises.


Pretty on the Outside

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Link Dump 20/10/08

  • Ignore the British by Peter Nidzgorski, which I think is available as a print. And I want it.
  • I like the Robustness Principle which states: "Be conservative in what you do; be liberal in what you accept from others."

Throw It Up

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A message for Sarah Palin


Rumps et al

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Up, Up & Away

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And if you slow it down, you can see the exact second McCain's campaign dies in the water.

"The man said something like 'I'm not saying you're Chinese but people like you, Oriental people, tend to accept what is written in the books and what the lecturer says, whereas this kind of course is nothing like you have studied in the past, it requires more analytical skills, you will have to do more yourself."

- what Odgerel Hatenboer (a Mongolian lady, resident in the UK for 7 years) was told as she enquired into an accounting course at Glyndwr University. She has a Masters in development economics.


Ginger's Obama Sign

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"Buttstroking those who attempt to injure me is another story."
- Mall Ninja

Link Dump 14/10/08

  • Flickr: Cinema and Photography, a group I've been meaning to join, or a project I've been meaning to start. Something like that.


Notes on HBO's True Blood

I've been enjoying HBO's True Blood, but it's a conflicted series. It stars Ryan Kwantan (famous in the UK for playing Vinnie Patterson in Home & Away) who shines in his role as a dumb penis-driven hick boy. The rest of the cast (Nelsan Ellis especially!) are equally as solid in their characters. I love the small town, historic Louisiana feel, and the fact that the story deals with a controversial subculture/alternate near future.

But HBO, the dialogue is horrible and the overall theme is very throwaway-paperback-fiction thanks to the writing. I can't stop watching at the moment, but it's eventually going to wear me thin. I have my pick of TV shows, and I could easily be spending my time elsewhere. Get better writers, and you have me until the show ends.


Link Dump (11/10/08)


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"McCain clearly does not like Obama. In fact I think he rather loathes the guy. But the difference is that he dislikes him for reasons beyond his name and skin color. Now he's confronted with a group of people who have a rabid, mob-like hatred of the man and who happily embrace any ridiculous myth that shows up in their email so they don't have to admit that the real reason he scares them is because he's black, he's different, and he's winning."

- Xenocide of poetv on John McCain's recent backtracking (video also worth watching)


moceanworker - THAT ONE

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Motel Motel

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Beau Sia interview

Since I was a kid, I've had a long battle with my fellow white English people using the word Chink. Never backed down, never will, even though it's one of the most frustrating things about coming from South Bristol. [Beau Sia on wikipedia]


Powerpuff Girls Z

Powerpuff Girls Z is the Japanese remake of the Cartoon Network original. The story is nothing like the original.

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Nuclear Holocaust Zombie Fish

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Coffee or Wii?

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"I had this weird dream where Palin shows up for the debate drunk and starts asking Biden things like "do you want to fuck me? John wants to fuck me." And it went downhill from there. Biden just looks slightly appalled."

- maxwelton on the Sarah Palin may be a better debater MeFi thread