A quick note on being an Obama supporter (even though I can't vote)

In a society that worships alcohol, puts Paris Hilton upon a pedestal (to her credit, but not to ours), where white is right and anyone else is an outsider, where wealth is measured by square footage and shiny technology, and divorce rates are high, it's not really surprising that Obama has developed a fanbase that rabidly admires his personality/lifestyle because not everyone subscribes to what's consistently offered through the media. What is surprising is that there are attempts to whittle it down to false idolatry, as if there's no substance behind the man.

As tacky as the campaign slogan of "change" now sounds, Obama represents something different to popculture whilst simultaneously becoming popculture. His wife is smart, their marriage is strong. His kids are forthright and intelligent. While he might dodge the subject for fear of upsetting the right, he's not homophobic, and he's pro-choice. His family, as varied as it is, looks more like all of our families (white, black, Asian, immigrant, interracial) than any other person in the public eye. He has a good natured and patient personality in front of cameras, and has weathered an unbelieveable storm of bullshit from both Clinton and the McCain campaign.

I have never had a role model, someone I thought I could look up to in my life. All my inspirations have been flawed (and usually end up to have some secret alcoholism), and while I don't think Obama is the next messiah*, he represents far better values than anything else that's available to me, my generation and the kids we may or may not bring into this world. I don't want this trend of negative behaviour to prevail over diplomacy. And I wouldn't mind a better America - it makes for a better world.

*He fucks up. The Joe the Plumber plant was badly handled, Obama could have done much better. And the next four years are going to be hard as hell, and no one is going to like him very much while he undoes the mess the GOP created. He's a pussy on the issue of gay marriage, and I hate his pro-Israel stance. You have to make compromises.