How I would Vote

Why am I making this post? It's none of my business right? Well, I'm emigrating to the US soon and my partner is American. I will be spending the rest of my life being directly affected, and thus involved in Californian and US politics. So here is what I feel I know enough about to have an opinion:

For President:

Mr Barack Hussein Obama. I include his middle name because it's a fine middle name, a name no one should be ashamed of. Fuck off racists.


Prop 1A: No. As nice as better transportation for Southern California sounds, it's a lot of money (payments of $647 million a year) and will not directly improve the state for 30 years. While we need to improve the infrastructure of the state, debt is not a wise move to make. I'd like to see cities improve on what they have (eg: San Diego could expand their bus services and the mythical train system) rather than create an entirely new system. Prop 10 is better.

Prop 2: Yes. Inhumane treatment of animals isn't an arguing point. Regardless of their purpose in life, animals need to be kept in clean/spacious pens. It improves the quality of life for everyone, both animals and the people who take care of them.

Prop 3: Yes. Because it's money for child health. I only discovered recently that children do not have free healthcare in the US. I always thought that concession was made. If you're not going to make healthcare free, make it plentiful.

Prop 4: No. Although the proposition says: "Permits courts to waive notice based on clear and convincing evidence of minor’s maturity or best interests", it still puts vulnerable teenagers at risk. It's easier to ask for an abortion than tell a stranger your family problems. I can see the other side to the argument, it must be terrifying to find out your daughter had an abortion and you weren't informed. But let's face it - if you've got a good relationship with your children, they would call you without an amendment to the law being necessary. I think this one will pass.

Prop 5: Yes but only 90% yes. Increased drug treatment programs, increased parole for serious/violent crime? That's great. California needs that. Jail should be a place for those who are an immediate threat to others around them. What bothers me is that it also "limits court’s authority to incarcerate offenders who violate probation or parole". If you break the rules people, there should be consequences. I am hoping instead, that it's a way of dealing with jail overcrowding and the way drug laws end up targeting huge numbers of ethnic minorities. There have to be better ways of moving society forward, the current laws are not working.

Prop 6: NO, a really strong no on this one. Why? "Necessitate that all occupants who are recipients of public housing subsidies submit to annual criminal background checks and lose housing if convicted of a recent crime. " If you're applying for public housing, you're already fucked in life. Stop discriminating against those with convictions. Why would you make even more people homeless? Christ.

Prop 7: Yes. Let's get a bit of discipline going on in America, the world needs to work together to improve the environment and sustainability.

Prop 8: NO. NO NO NO. NO. The only people who vote Yes on this proposition are insecure bigots. It's no different to the laws in California that, 60 years ago, would have prevented me from marrying my partner because he's ethnic-Chinese and I'm as white as you get. And that's if he'd even managed to get into the country, thanks to the laws excluding Chinese immigrants from the country. Proposition 8 moves the state and the country backwards. If you need laws to reaffirm your heterosexual marriage, your marriage is extremely weak. If you need laws to "protect" marriage, why aren't you campaigning for the dissolving of divorce laws? If you're voting Yes on Prop 8, you should examine why you support the government interfering in other people's private business.

Prop 9: Yes. Giving more of a voice to victims of crime + helping them be more aware of the details of the case is a definite win. It should also help the perpetrator have a greater understanding of their behaviour and make rehabilitation more successful. I hope.

Prop 10: Yes. Helping people buy cost effective vehicles in such a massive state is a brilliant idea. See also: funding into alternative energy. It will be a more immediate change than the proposed transportation system and be an investment, rather than a growing debt. Better for the environment too. If this proposition had something included in regards to stimulating local shops in residential areas to decrease the need for travelling to Walmart et al, I'd be waving signs for it.

Prop 11: Um. I have no idea what this is about. "Requires commission of five Democrats, five Republicans and four of neither party" sounds balanced. But I don't understand this one.

Prop 12: Yes. Because war veterans are not being supported as they should be. If you work in any capacity for the country, you deserve to be taken care of. That's why people take government jobs. Because Ballotpedia died while I was thinking about/writing this, I can't get more details as to why this would be a bad thing. But what would be even better than what Voterguide is detailing, is if they were encouraged to buy farms and turn them into something productive, especially growing fruit/vegetables. That would help the economy and help create a sense of community - something Southern California especially seems to lack in my foreign eyes.

Best case scenario: I am hoping that Prop 8 fails, and Obama wins. The rest of it is negotiable.