Link Dump 23/11/08

  • Candy, Magazines, History by Rachel Barrett documents the death of newsstand culture in New York. There are more pictures on her website, equally as interesting. [via] Watching my local area undergo massive redeveloping, it makes me wonder whether in 20 years I will still look back at these & my own photos and think of it as death or rebirth. All I can say is that if you live anywhere near anything that you love, document it. It might not be there next year.
  • Richard Lea on modern Chinese literature: "China has one of the three great book publishing industries in the world. Along with the UK and the US it publishes around 200,000 new titles and new editions a year, well ahead of the nearest rivals, Japan, Russia and Germany. It is by far the largest publishing market by volume - officially about 6bn units a year, but many more when pirated copies are taken into account. In terms of value the market will probably amount to around £4-5bn in 2007, which would put it fourth in the world - behind the US, Germany and Japan and ahead of the UK. If you take purchasing power parity into account it is second only to the US."
  • The Alexandria Hotel of Los Angeles: "The Alexandria Hotel, at 5th and Spring streets in downtown Los Angeles, was once the center of the high life in L.A. Built in 1906, it hosted three presidents and such dignitaries as Winston Churchill, and the Duke of Windsor. The earliest movie stars gathered there. After the larger Biltmore Hotel opened, the building fell into decline. At its lowest point, its owners scraped off the gold paint from parts of the building and sold it. In between, the building was "restored" to a Victorian past it never had. During World War II, the third story of the open lobby was converted into soldiers' barracks."