Link Dump 18/12/08

  • Motel Life is a photo essay by the Denver Post's Hyoung Chang and Jason Blevins documenting the lives of families who are currently living in American motels.
  • My favorite news story from yesterday was that in 2005 Hawaiian oil drillers broke into an unusually shallow magma chamber: "They are not sure how large the magma chamber is, but some initial testing suggests it may have been put in place by activity from Kilauea in the 1950s, perhaps even the 1920s. Professor Marsh said the chamber was docile and slowly cooling. The consistency of the magma was like chilled pancake syrup."
  • The Big Picture: Scenes from Guantanamo Bay. Protip for American politicians, if you shut down this facility and gave the land back to Cuba, you'd improve your international reputation by 100 points.
  • An old-ish link, but I liked Ali-Bell's interpretations of captcha words: "regul, adj. The kind of woman who wears tracksuit pants with "Princess" written across her backside and gives her children names like Tiffnee, Kortnee and Willyum. Derived from regal."