Quick Fashion Break

I try not to blog or talk too much about how much I love the fashion blog culture of the internet, because there's no good way of explaining a fixation on exterior looks, especially when I am not a very aesthetically built human being, without the assumption being made that you're a bit of a twat obsessed with the latest designer offerings. Not so!

But anyway, I am currently watching Susie Bubble's quick video report on the epic Angel vintage sale that happened in London today. She's going to post a longer blog when she can, but the video she's posted for now is worth watching simply for the size of the queue that formed to get in. There were hundreds (maybe thousands) of people waiting to get in and rummage through the boxes that were laid out - and with good reason. It worked on a simple premise: buy a bag worth £10, £20 or £50 and fill it with vintage clothes until it can be filled no more. Brilliant concept, and it certainly packed the people in. As trendy as vintage gear has got in the last few years, I had no idea people were that into cheap clothes. It's pretty rewarding to see people turning on their heels and be happy to spend so little on what they wear.

Although I do wonder as to how much will be popping up on eBay for the price of a single bag...